Kibana 7.2.0edit

For information about the Kibana 7.2.0 release, review the following information.

Breaking changesedit

Breaking changes can prevent your application from optimal operation and performance. Before you upgrade to 7.2.0, review the breaking changes, then mitigate the impact to your application.

See also release highlights and release notes.

Time-based internal index patterns queried as wildcard index patternsedit

Details: Time-based interval index patterns were deprecated in 5.x. In 6.x, you could no longer create time-based interval index patterns, but they continued to function as expected. In 7.2, functionality has changed such that Kibana will automatically query a time-based interval index pattern as a wildcard index pattern. Support for time-based index patterns will be removed in 8.0. You can migrate your time-based index patterns to a wildcard pattern to prepare for this change.

Impact: If you query a time-based index pattern, that query will now be performed on the root wildcard term. For example, a query on an index pattern such as [logstash-]YYYY.MM.DD will now query all indices that match logstash-*.


  • Adds custom elements #34140
  • Adds static tags for elements #28779
  • Adds autoplay pages in fullscreen #35981
  • Adds new workpad templates #35745
  • Adds Ctrl + Enter shortcut for evaluating expressions #36138
  • Allows grouping of filters and group selection in the filters function #34889
  • Upgrades EUI to 9.2.1 and improves dark mode #32728
  • Allows maps to be embeddable #31473
  • Registers savedObjectMetaData so Maps saved objects show up in dashboard add panel #32895
  • Populates WMS layers from getCapabilities response #32342
  • Splits settings into layer and source panels #33788
  • Adds layer-specific filtering #33209
  • Adds clone layer to layer actions #33853
  • Automatically disables filter by bounds for indexes with small doc counts #34456
  • Adds ability to expand and collapse Layer TOC #34506
  • Ignores global query layer setting #35542
  • Shows dynamic style ranges in legend #35417
  • Shows icon when layer is not visible in TOC #36250
  • Shows minusInCircle icon when layer has no data #36457
  • Only shows vector style properties used by source in editor #36280
  • Supports multiple basemap styles #36074
  • Locks tooltip in place with click #32733
  • Uses dual range component #32273
  • Adds filter actions to tooltips #33635
  • Adds draw filter action to layer #33686
  • Adds WKT and geohash string support #34472
Kibana Home & Add Data
  • Injects anomalies into the Kibana sample datasets to enable ML sample jobs #36714
  • Allows plugins to register additional view data links in sample data #33052
  • Adds customizable columns #34916
  • Adds column headers #36467
  • Adds flyout action menu with Uptime link #36721
Machine Learning
  • Adds Kibana sample dataset data recognizer modules #35138
  • Adds File data viz filter to Index Management link #36166
  • Adds query bar to Anomaly Explorer for filtering of anomaly results for one or more influencers #31763
  • Adds the ability to add and remove filters in the Anomaly Explorer via the Anomalies table #33377
  • Adds the ability to add and remove filters in the Anomaly Explorer via the Top influencers list #33626
  • Converts Job Selector to React #35638
  • Always show time warning message in the delete modal in Job Management #36729
  • Makes layout of Edit Filter List consistent with other settings pages #33421
  • Adds created_by field to Auditbeat and APM data recognizer jobs #33863
  • Extends support for anomaly charts when model plot is enabled #34079
  • Increases the width of the text column in annotations table #34450
  • Replaces View Forecast button image with Single Metric icon #34563
  • Limits maximum annotation text length to 1000 characters #34540
  • Converts full time range selector control to EUI / React #35074
  • Uses KQL as the query language for custom URLs to Kibana pages #35469
  • Adds Metricbeat System data recognizer module #35580
  • Removes check for forecast duration of 8 weeks or less #35583
  • Adds links to ML jobs to the Kibana sample dataset View data menu #36702
  • Adds Data Frame UI #33427
  • Adds UI for Snapshot Repositories #34407
  • Adds Telemetry sample data #33166
  • Introduces UI PluginsService #32672
  • Adds basic server side export API for saved objects #30326
  • Adds basic server side import API for saved objects #32158
  • Returns import errors for saved objects referencing a missing index pattern or search #33005
  • Modifies saved object export API to support the exporting of nested dependencies #34225
  • Converts the saved objects UI to use new import / export API #33513
  • Allows any type of saved object to import / export #34896
  • Adds Feature Controls #31652
  • Adds OpenID Connect auth provider #36201
  • Converts account screen to React/EUI #35151
  • Exposes ability to deny (except) access to fields via FLS #26472
  • Converts role listing page to React/EUI #30970
  • Adds support for location name in Uptime UI #36317
  • Integrates Uptime to Logging #35853
  • Cleans up design of Uptime app #31663
  • Allows multiple values for percentile ranks in Time Series Visual Builder #33642
  • Allows non numeric fields in Top Hits in Time Series Visual Builder #35661
  • Adds Include and Exclude fields to the Terms group in Time Series Visual Builder #34153
  • Adds ability to submit Save modals using the Enter key #34417
  • Improves KQL error messages #34900
  • Shows a reload dialog when users change a setting requiring a page reload #34780
  • Improves scripted field script editor #36064
  • Changes default quick ranges #35066
  • Adds basic rollup support to Visual builder #28762

Bug fixesedit

  • Moves the APM index creation from server startup #37965
  • Updates APM index pattern #36776
  • Fixes error occurrence panel and content #32808
  • Switches to visualization colour palette for histogram #31688
  • Condenses panel gutters and spacers #36337
  • Replaces the icon for the LibraryFrames toggle #36429
  • Fixes issues with metric charts when noHits=true #37524
  • Updates index pattern #38797
Beats Central Management
  • Moves APIs to new return format #31660
  • Renames api/canvas endpoint to api/interpreter #34410
  • Updates tagcloud interpreter func arguments #33773
  • Updates markdownvis interpreter func arguments #34534
  • Moves UI out of index patterns service #36348
  • Fixes esdocs fields #34894
  • Fixes datasource preview modal size #36246
  • Allows 0 for min/max in AxisConfig #37119
  • Fixes fullscreen sizing on old workpads #37289
  • Adds Today to quick range #36698
  • Fixes broken elements in web logs sample data workpad #37931
  • Resolves issues with the mini color selector and updates Storybook to v5 #34075
  • Adds types to Renderers and the DropdownFilter #31299
  • Updates the Asset Manager to use Typescript and adds Storybook examples for ad-hoc testing #31341
  • Converts functions from arrow to function #35749
  • Adds strong types to Canvas functions in preparation for i18n #35087
  • Improves types demodata and pointseries in preparation for i18n #36055
  • Implements localization for Canvas functions #36252
  • Re-renders renderers on filter changes #34823
  • Restores removed class used for modal focus #36924
  • Simplifies layout engine integration #33702
  • Separates component/-level of `workpad_page #34983
  • Fixes invalid cursor position #36018
  • Adds snap to page borders and centerline #36102
  • Prioritizes relaxed resize/rotate over depth select #36479
  • Accesses the ever current interactive page layout in WorkpadApp #36692
  • Adds group/ungroup menu #36718
  • Improves Storybook performance #34757
  • Adds response streaming to Canvas batch requests #32027
  • Refetches autocomplete info after updating Dev Console settings #32587
  • Fixes issue with request body not being sent for Console DELETE requests #32407
  • Allows embeddable to specify edit label #36296
  • Fixes courier:ignoreFilterIfFieldNotInIndex with chained input controls #36369
  • Fetches options for input control child select boxes #38148
  • Converts dashboard panels to Typescript #27167
  • Fixes problem with Discover not using an index pattern when two patterns are created #38053
  • Enables optional use of the timezone set in Advanced Settings in queries #34602
  • Changes tooltip to use description list for IE compatibility #37396
  • Excludes multi fields in tooltips and join field selection lists #34379
  • Only show fields that can be used in terms agg in join right field select #35098
  • Maintains style on source change when creating new layer #34755
  • Fixes i18n wrapping of ES search failure message #35923
  • Updates es_search_source to no longer request tooltip fields when fetching geojson #36059
  • Syncs layer list state to mapbox only once #37133
  • Sets scaled property values to -1 when there are no results #37121
  • Fixes defaulting to dark tiles when Kibana is in dark mode #37792
  • Fixes tooltip text overlap and text overflow #38271
  • Ensures that the labels extracted from WMS capabilities are unique #38311
  • Keeps query parameters for WMS Client in URL #34200
  • Fixes Join editor component logic to avoid infinite updates #37472
  • Fixes Join editor component logic to avoid infinite updates if index pattern is not found #37615
  • Uses field formatter for tooltips #33017
  • Adds ability to load EMS resources with CORS #34503
  • Uses mapbox feature-state for dynamic properties and upgrades mapbox-gl to 0.54 #36466
  • Fixes map embeddable test #34648
  • Fixes default drilldown link on index pattern switch #34251
  • Fixes autocomplete overflow in Safari browser #36820
  • Adds legend settings for waffle map #32228
  • Adds the UI for the Metrics Explorer #34019
  • Adds the UI for the Metrics Explorer #35846
  • Adds links from Infrastructure to Uptime #35993
  • Adds a brush handler to the Metrics Explorer Charts #36235
  • Removes the Joi validation from the Metrics Explorer client side URL validation #36493
  • Appends filterQuery to TSVB filter #36644
  • Adds link-to page to route IP addresses to the host detail page #36149
  • Adds a check to the Metrics Explorer API endpoint for empty metrics #37508
  • Adds round up option to SuperDatePicker for the to field #37896
  • Fixes the Uptime link so it always displays for Docker and Kubernetes nodes #38125
  • Fixes the CSS for the Metrics Explorer chart title to properly overlap with the Actions menu #38059
  • Fixes group by “x” icon keyboard controls #31960
  • Changes Infrastructure navigation #32892
  • Uses EuiSuperDatePicker on the Metrics page #34427
  • Tweaks metrics time test handling #34869
  • Increases suggestions limit and allows scrolling in Autocomplete field #34706
  • Adds new graphql endpoint for snapshot data #34264
  • Waits for context menu to appear in functional tests #36163
  • Renames Snapshot to Inventory #36107
  • Enables telemetry for snapshot resolver #36354
  • Renames Snapshot to Inventory in page title #36432
  • Honors space when querying TSVB API #36765
  • Adds View Surrounding Logs functionality #35727
  • Changes popover position of Node context menu #36352
Kibana Home & Add Data
  • Adds utc_time of sample web logs to list of timeFields so that it is dynamic #35879
Machine Learning
  • Fixes File Data Visualizer index pattern match #34721
  • Rounds value when using max model memory limit #35223
  • Plots chart points for all anomalies where there is no metric data #32645
  • Fixes line wrap for jobs list timestamp cell in Firefox #34150
  • Updates forecasting progress bar only if value increases #34614
  • Fixes Java time access in ML watch Painless script #37074
  • Provides fix for constant polling of deleting job tasks #38013
  • Fixes check when opening ML from Kibana Sample Data sets if no ML jobs are created #38649
  • Disables grow for IE 11 for index pattern management header #37756
  • Internationalizes Rollup Jobs, Remote Clusters, and Watcher app titles. #34470
  • Removes rollup section in advanced settings for OSS #32814
  • Fixes Create Rollup Index Pattern button badge color error #32954
  • Fixes hanging UI when custom index pattern with existing ID created #36097
  • Bumps numeral.js to fix negative time formatting bug #35298
  • Improves performance of the Logstash Pipeline Viewer #31293
  • Updates tests for Monitoring Logstash Pipeline Viewer performance improvements #33570
  • Sends encrypted telemetry data to telemetry service #33121
  • Checks for 6.7.2 instead of 6.7.3 in Telemetry #35814
  • Introduces Logs UI #31275
  • Determines the Metricbeat migration status logic #34871
  • Forces collectors to indicate when they are ready in Montoring/Telemetry #36153
  • Makes change so that once the buffer has events, the collector is always ready #36995
  • Fixes 500 error from /api/stats #36986
  • Removes improper usage of query #37099
  • Uses fixed_interval explicitly for date_histogram aggregations #37023
  • Creates license check only when there’s a separate monitoring cluster #33590
  • Adds uiCapabilities.logs check #35562
  • Creates a simple cancelable promise, and adds basic support for Typescript #36293
  • Fixes default message if value is invalid #36737
  • Fixes sorting of Monitoring nodes on CPU, Throttle, and Heap columns #36125
  • Swaps the anchor tag with EuiLink #37020
  • Typecasts the attr boolean to the correct type #37031
  • Fixes CPU calculation for APM #37230
  • Optimizes content to be more vertical for resizing consistency #37120
  • Uses i18n instead of injectI18n #37845
  • Adds a link to License Management #37771
  • Reverts [kbn/es] pin 7.x snapshot to elastic/elasticsearch#39582 i… #32580
  • Exits if starting Kibana as root #21563
  • Uses default keys when running from source #36452
  • Allows running --dev without #36400
  • Reenables github checks reporter #37280
  • Fixes inefficiencies in the dev/license_checker module and rewrites it in Typescript #37807
  • Adds exception to transpile normalize-url mode to es5 when bundled into the DLL #35804
  • Upgrades jQuery to 3.4.1 #35908
  • Enforces all packages to use the same Typescript version #32440
  • Fixes plugin generator package.json paths #33728
  • Fixes version for plugin showing as undefined #36219
  • Adds Japanese locale #36940
  • Provides Initial framework for data plugin #34350
  • Fixes errors and adds more examples in export saved objects API docs #37991
  • Updates import saved objects API docs to use curl examples #37997
  • Fixes URLs from displaying too long in saved objects management UI #37987
  • Enforces the base path proxy to redirect requests that happen within a space #36300
  • Automatically strips xpack config when running --oss #36403
  • Removes unused ui/field_editor reference #34969
  • Includes the error object job decryption errors #32216
  • Consolidates startup self-checks #31931
  • Registers a single ESQueue worker, simultaneous poll for all export types #32839
  • Converts LevelLogger Logger to Typescript #34972
  • Updates index fields API to account for removed types in Role Management #35986
  • Loads capabilities from InjectedMetadata #36710
  • Adds integration links for Infrastructure UI #35847
  • Changes copy on empty state component #33044
  • Removes Object.assign from helper function #33860
  • Adds new context for Uptime #34006
  • Supports URL parameters #35375
  • Adds Uptime to APM integration #34892
  • Reduces the bucket size for the monitor list query #36071
  • Disables integration links for apps that are not present #37284
  • Removes several default common DatePicker values #37395
  • Supports KQL OR filters #37564
  • Updates documentation link for location column #37511
  • Fixes typo in top hit fields filter #38391
  • Resets FilterEditor on filter prop change #34494
  • Adds table with conflicting indices in field editor #35783
  • Fixes sorting of index pattern table in Chrome and Firefox #37613
  • Fixes Tableview in Time Series Visual Builder to show correct data #34343
  • Fixes Aggregation by "Static value" in Time Series Visual Builder so that it works properly #34624
  • Fixes problem in Time Series Visual Builder with shift in historic data after daylight savings time #34283
  • Triggers request for api/metrics/fields after all UI changes in Time Series Visual Builder #34436
  • Fixes problem with query bar showing randomly in editor page in Time Series Visual Builder #35081
  • Makes Time Series Visual Builder signal render-complete equals true on rendering #35215
  • Filters annotations by the last series timestamp in Time Series Visual Builder #35230
  • Allows negative values for custom ranges in metric and gauge visualizations #33814
  • Fixes broken filtering on metric visualizations #38029
  • Restores line rendering in point series vis using percentile agg #35649
  • Fixes range filtering in XY charts when field is a scripted date field #25379
  • Fixes clipping of wide Vega tooltip tables #33465
  • Migrates serialization of include/exclude options to strings instead of objects in significant terms bucket aggregation #34392
  • Initializes correct value of time picker’s refresh interval #35839
  • Updates tab counters on filter change #34246
  • Resolves issue that occurs when migrations are partially complete and a new Kibana instance starts up #37674
  • Adds yml switch for using interpreter in expressions #33832