Kibana 7.0.0edit

For information about the Kibana 7.0.0 release, review the following information.

Known issuesedit

  • If you have a version 7.0 monitoring cluster, a version 6.7 production cluster and Kibana version 6.7.0 or 6.7.1, you cannot see the monitoring data in Kibana. #34357

Breaking changesedit

Breaking changes can prevent your application from optimal operation and performance. Before you upgrade to 7.0.0, review the breaking changes, then mitigate the impact to your application.

API changesedit

Deprecated API /shorten has been removededit

Details: The /shorten API has been deprecated since 6.5, when it was replaced by the /api/shorten_url API.

Impact: The /shorten API has been removed. Use the /api/shorten_url API instead.

Saved object structure changeedit

Details: Saved objects no longer contain ids of other saved objects under attributes. They have been moved under references with a named reference in attributes.

Example structure before:

  "attributes": {
    "panelsJSON": [{
      "type": "visualization",
      "id": "dbf71bb0-ffad-11e8-acfd-d359b3d9069"

Example structure after:

  "attributes": {
    "panelsJSON": [{
      "panelRefName": "panel_0"
  "references": [{
    "name": "panel_0",
    "type": "visualization",
    "id": "dbf71bb0-ffad-11e8-acfd-d359b3d9069"

Impact: Users who query directly for ids will have to use the new hasReference in the find API. Users who save ids within attributes will have to move them into the references attribute and have a named reference to it.

Browser support changesedit

Removed support for using PhantomJS browser for screenshots in Reportingedit

Details: Since the first release of Kibana Reporting, PhantomJS was used as the headless browser to capture screenshots of Kibana dashboards and visualizations. In that short time, Chromium has started offering a new headless browser library and the PhantomJS maintainers abandoned their project. We started planning for a transition in 6.5.0, when we made Chromium the default option, but allowed users to continue using Phantom with the xpack.reporting.capture.browser.type: phantom setting. In 7.0, that setting will still exist for compatibility, but the only valid option will be chromium.

Impact: Before upgrading to 7.0, if you have xpack.reporting.capture.browser.type set in kibana.yml, make sure it is set to chromium.

Reporting 7.0 uses a version of the Chromium headless browser that RHEL 6, CentOS 6.x, and other old versions of Linux derived from RHEL 6. This change effectively removes RHEL 6 OS server support from Kibana Reporting. Users with RHEL 6 must upgrade to RHEL 7 to use Kibana Reporting starting with version 7.0.0 of the Elastic stack.

Legacy browsers (namely IE11) will see a security warning message whenever they load Kibanaedit

Details: Kibana now has a Content Security Policy, but it’s only effective if browsers enforce it, and since older browsers like Internet Explorer 11 do not support CSP, we show them a warning message whenever they load Kibana.

Impact: Nothing needs to be done necessarily, but if you don’t need to support legacy browsers like IE11, we recommend that you set csp.strict: true in your kibana.yml to block access to those browsers entirely. If your organization requires users to use IE11, you might like to disable the warning entirely with csp.warnLegacyBrowsers: false in your kibana.yml.

Elastic Maps Service changesedit

Removed overseas territories from France Departments vector layeredit

Details: Overseas territories in the France Departments vector layer have been removed. These territories have no ISO 3166-2 or INSEE codes to join to Elasticsearch data.

Impact: Region Map, Vega, and Maps plugin visualizations using the France Departments layer will not show overseas territories.

USA Zip Codes vector layer updated with latest US Census dataedit

Details: The USA Zip Codes layer has been updated based on the 2018 Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) distributed by the US Census Bureau. ZCTA boundaries have been generalized from the source data for visualization and locations are approximate.

Impact: Region Map, Vega, and Maps plugin visualizations using the USA Zip Codes layer will appear differently. ZCTA boundaries have changed dramatically in some areas. Also, some zip codes have been deprecated and new ones have been added.

Packaging changesedit

Removed support for running Kibana with a global Node.js installationedit

Details: Previous versions of Kibana would fallback to using a global installation of Node.js if the distribution included with Kibana was not found. Kibana 7.0 will only use the Node.js distribution included in the package.

Impact: There is no expected impact unless Kibana is installed in a non-standard way.

Plugin changesedit

Optimization step deferred until server startedit

Details: Prior versions of Kibana would run the optimization step after each plugin installation. This is now run on server start when necessary.

Impact: Users can trigger a standalone optimization after all plugins have been installed with bin/kibana --optimize or let the server manage it on startup.

Security changesedit

Removed support for users relying on direct index privileges to the Kibana index in Elasticsearchedit

Details: With the introduction of Kibana RBAC in 6.4, users no longer require privileges to the Kibana index in Elasticsearch. Instead, users should be granted Kibana privileges. Prior to 7.0, when a user who relies upon direct index privileges logged into Kibana, a deprecation warning was logged.

Impact: You must change any roles that grant access to Kibana using index privileges to use Kibana privileges instead. Watcher jobs using the Reporting attachment type must also be updated.

If you use a custom kibana.index for multitenancy, you can no longer use kibana_user or kibana_dashboard_only_user to provide access, and will have to start using Kibana privileges.

In addition, roles cannot be shared across Kibana tenants when granting access to Kibana privileges. For example, a tenant using kibana.index: .kibana will have its own set of roles created to grant access to Kibana. If you create another tenant at kibana.index: .some-other-index, it will need its own set of roles to grant access to that tenant.

Settings changesedit

Removed support for tribe nodesedit

Details: Elasticsearch 7.0 removes the tribe node feature, so Kibana removes it as well.

Impact: You must remove any tribe node configurations in Kibana. Consider using Create an index pattern that searches across clusters instead, which does not require kibana.yml configurations in Kibana. is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed.

Impact: Use elasticsearch.ssl.certificateAuthorities instead.

elasticsearch.ssl.cert is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated elasticsearch.ssl.cert setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed.

Impact: Use elasticsearch.ssl.certificate instead.

elasticsearch.ssl.verify is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated elasticsearch.ssl.verify setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed.

Impact: Use elasticsearch.ssl.verificationMode instead. If you set elasticsearch.ssl.verify to true, that is equal to setting elasticsearch.ssl.verificationMode to full.

elasticsearch.url is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated elasticsearch.url setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed.

Impact: Use elasticsearch.hosts instead. In prior versions of Kibana, if no port was specified in elasticsearch.url, a default of 9200 was chosen. The port in elasticsearch.hosts is protocol dependent: https ports will use 443, and http ports will use 80. If your elasticsearch.url setting was dependent on an unspecified port set to 9200, append :9200 to the url in the elasticsearch.hosts setting.

i18n.defaultLocale is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated i18n.defaultLocale setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed.

Impact: Use i18n.locale instead.

index_management.<any setting> is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated index_management.* settings in the kibana.yml file have been removed.

Impact: Use xpack.index_management.<any setting> instead.

license_management.<any setting> is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated license_management.* settings in the kibana.yml file have been removed.

Impact: Use xpack.license_management.<any setting> instead.

logging.useUTC is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated logging.useUTC setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed.

Impact: If logging.useUTC was set to true (its default value), the timezone id was UTC. Use logging.timezone instead. Any timezone can now be specified by canonical id.

regionmap is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated regionmap setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed.

Impact: Use map.regionmap instead.

rollup.<any setting> is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated rollup.* settings in the kibana.yml file have been removed.

Impact: Use xpack.rollup.<any setting> instead.

server.ssl.cert is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated server.ssl.cert setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed.

Impact: Use server.ssl.certificate instead

server.ssl.enabled must be set to true to enable SSLedit

Details: Previously, if the server.ssl.certificate and server.ssl.key settins were specified in the kibana.yml file, SSL would be automatically enabled. It’s now required that you set server.ssl.enabled to true for this to occur.

Impact: Users with both server.ssl.certificate and server.ssl.key set must now also set server.ssl.enabled to enable SSL.

server.ssl.supportedProtocols excludes TLSv1 by defaultedit

Details: By default, TLSv1 support has been removed. It’s still possible to opt-in to TLSv1 support by explicitly setting server.ssl.supportedProtocols in the kibana.yml file.

Impact: Users relying on TLSv1 will be unable to use Kibana unless server.ssl.supportedProtocols is explicitly set.

tilemap is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated tilemap setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed.

Impact: Use map.tilemap instead.

upgrade_assistant.<any setting> is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated upgrade_assistant.* settings in the kibana.yml file have been removed.

Impact: Use xpack.upgrade_assistant.<any setting> instead. is no longer validedit

Details: The unsupported setting in the kibana.yml file has been officially removed.

Impact: The ability to customize this pattern is no longer supported.

xpack.monitoring.cluster_alerts.index is no longer validedit

Details: The unsupported xpack.monitoring.cluster_alerts.index setting in the kibana.yml file has been officially removed.

Impact: The ability to customize this index is no longer supported.

xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.index_pattern is no longer validedit

Details: The unsupported xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.index_pattern setting in the kibana.yml file has been officially removed.

Impact: The ability to customize this pattern is no longer supported. is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed.

Impact: Use xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.ssl.certificateAuthorities instead.

xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.ssl.cert is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.ssl.cert setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed.

Impact: Use xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.ssl.certificate instead.

xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.ssl.verify is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.ssl.verify setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed.

Impact: Use xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.ssl.verificationMode instead. If you previously set xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.ssl.verify to true, it is equal to setting xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.ssl.verificationMode to full.

xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.url is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.url setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed.

Impact: Use xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.hosts instead. In prior versions of Kibana, if no port was specified in xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.url a default of 9200 was chosen. The port in xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.hosts is protocol dependent: https ports will use 443, and http ports will use 80. If xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.url was dependent on an unspecified port set to 9200, append :9200 to the url in xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.hosts.

xpack.monitoring.index_pattern is no longer validedit

Details: The unsupported xpack.monitoring.index_pattern setting in the kibana.yml file has been officially removed.

Impact: The ability to customize this pattern is no longer supported.

xpack.monitoring.kibana.index_pattern is no longer validedit

Details: The unsupported xpack.monitoring.kibana.index_pattern setting in the kibana.yml file has been officially removed.

Impact: The ability to customize this pattern is no longer supported.

xpack.monitoring.logstash.index_pattern is no longer validedit

Details: The unsupported xpack.monitoring.logstash.index_pattern setting in the kibana.yml file has been officially removed.

Impact: The ability to customize this pattern is no longer supported.

xpack.monitoring.node_resolver is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated xpack.monitoring.node_resolver setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed. This setting has been deprecated since 5.6, when it was explicitly recommended to use uuid as its value.

Impact: This setting is no longer necessary. If you enable the Elastic Stack monitoring features, a monitoring agent runs on each Elasticsearch node, Logstash node, Kibana instance, and Beat to collect and index metrics. Each node and instance is considered unique based on its persistent UUID, which is written to the directory when the node or instance starts.

xpack.monitoring.report_stats is no longer validedit

Details: The deprecated xpack.monitoring.report_stats setting in the kibana.yml file has been removed.

Impact: Use xpack.xpack_main.telemetry.enabled instead.


Details: Kibana management URLs pertaining to index patterns have been changed to accurately reflect their content, from management/kibana/index or management/kibana/indices to managemen/kibana/index_pattern or management/kibana/index_patterns.

Impact: References to these URLs will need to be updated.

Advanced settings changesedit

Advanced setting query:queryString:options no longer applies to filtersedit

Details: In previous versions of Kibana the Advanced Setting query:queryString:options was applied to both queries and custom filters using the query_string query. This could cause errors if a custom filter used options that conflicted with the Advanced Setting. In 7.0 query:queryString:options will no longer be applied to filters so that users can have full control over their custom filters.

Impact: You must ensure that any saved searches with a query_string filter aren’t relying implicitly on query:queryString:options.

Advanced setting query:queryString:options no longer applies default_field: * by default.edit

Details: Elasticsearch removed the ability to create indices with an _all field in 6.0. As a result, a user could end up with a mix of indices with and without _all fields if they upgraded from an older version of ES. This could lead to inconsistent highlighting in Discover. To work around this issue we added default_field: * to query:queryString:options to force consistent querying across indices with and without _all. In 7.0 the _all field will be gone from all indices so we no longer need this workaround.

Impact: Since we’ll no longer send the default_field parameter in Kibana’s query_string query, Elasticsearch will use the index setting instead. The default for the index setting is also *, so most users should not be impacted. If some of your indices have a non-default default_field setting, you may want to update it or re-add the parameter to Kibana’s advanced setting.

UI changesedit

Dark mode is now globaledit

Details: Both the Dashboard and Maps applications offer "Dark Mode" options which have been removed in favor of a global dark mode advanced setting. This means that instead of having to turn on dark mode in many places, users can choose to turn on the theme:darkMode advanced setting and it will apply to all applications.

Impact: The dark mode setting for Dashboards and Maps will be ignored and the global setting will be used instead.

KQL is now the default query language in the global search baredit

Details: Language enhancements that were introduced in 6.3 on an opt-in basis are now turned on by default. This is considered a breaking change because the enhancements include a simplifed syntax that has some small incompatibilities with the old Lucene syntax.

Impact: Users simply need to familiarize themselves with the new syntax. Existing saved searches, visualizations, and dashboards that use the old Lucene syntax will continue to work, but users should consider migrating them to KQL to enjoy the other benefits that come along with it. For the time being, individual users can still opt-out of KQL under the options menu in the query bar and admins can still change the global default using the search:queryLanguage advanced setting.

Removed support for deeply nested table splits in data table visualizationsedit

Details: Previously a user was able to create multiple "split table" aggregations in one table on arbitrary levels. The potential for deeply nested tables posed maintenance and accessibility challenges, and was inconsistent with other visualizations that only allow one table split. This change does not limit the number of split rows a user can put into a table; it only restricts the number of split tables to one.

Impact: To prevent breaking existing visualizations, saved objects containing nested table splits will be automatically migrated to contain only one split table, converting any existing split tables beyond the first to split rows. No action should be required as a result of this change, but be aware that users with saved data table visualizations that contain multiple split tables will now see those tables rendered differently.

Imported Kibana dashboards might require small grid layout adjustments due to design changesedit

Details: Kibana 7.0 introduces a new default font for the application and also comes with several design changes in dashboards that slightly change padding and margin for dashboard panels. You may find you need to adjust grid layouts to compensate.

Impact: Minimal. In most cases, the dashboards should render as they did previously. In some cases, panels might overflow and require scroll bars where they did not previously. Simply adjust the panel sizes and edit your dashboard layouts if these bother you.

Timelion no longer appears in the side navigationedit

Details: Timelion sheets will continue to work in Visualize, but the Timelion application no longer appears by default in the Kibana side navigation.

Impact: To create a Timelion visualization, go to Visualize and select Timelion from the visualization types. If you have a lot of existing Timelion visualizations and want to add Timelion back in the side navigation, set timelion.ui.enabled to true in kibana.yml.


  • Fixes legacy tilemap loading #22095
Machine Learning
  • Updates REST endpoint calls to remove _xpack #28069
  • Removes old visualize wizard URL #28982
  • Removes legacy response handler #28985
  • Removes legacyIcon from visualizations #28981


  • Removes WebSockets from Canvas expressions interpreter #29792
  • Optimizes Canvas REST calls via batching #29847
  • Implements a clipboard and stores the copied elements in localStorage #25890
  • Adds the ability to reuse assets without editing an element’s expression #25764
  • Adds the clear function #26397
  • Adds workpad-level CSS #24143
  • Improvements to expression editor #32336
  • Adds aria-label attribute for Color: Auto Color to button inside chart style #32633
  • Adds aria-label attribute for Copy to clipboard #32880
  • Adds href option in addition to onClick for navigational links #25233
  • Implements a new design for Kibana called K7
  • Updates logos for marketing #25489
  • Adds Kibana 7.0 breadcrumbs to home screen #26605
  • Moves elastic/eui typings to single file #23950
  • Renames the kuery setting to KQL #29587
  • Adds visual indication of selected language in query bar #30899
  • Adopts Elasticsearch typeless API for Logstash central management #30546
  • Adds Request timestamp to request inspector stats #25667
  • Adds "Reload indices" button to Index Management #27033
Machine Learning
  • Adds created_by field to Auditbeat and APM data recognizer jobs #33863
  • Adds the time of the anomaly to the aria-label of the actions button in each row of the anomalies table #32777
  • Adds role="alert" callouts on the Job Management page to ensure the information is read out by screen readers #32911
  • Adds EUI ScreenReaderOnly component to the "Analyzing data" modal #32472
  • Updates job type and APM module icon to new designs #25380
  • Allows model plot enablement via checkbox in MultiMetric/Population Job creation #24914
  • Adds support for the rare detector for charts in Anomaly Explorer and Singe Metric viewer #21524
  • Updates HTTP access modules for ECS #29383
  • Updates auditbeat modules for ECS #29934
  • Removes non ECS apache, nginx and auditbeat data recognizer modules #30537
  • Adds the configuration files for two new auditbeat data recognizer modules for detecting unusual processes on hosts and Docker containers #25716
  • Adds support for saved searches created using Kuery to the job wizards #26094
  • Allows users to enter their own query in the Discover page; stops passing the query from the job datafeed config in custom URLs #26957
  • Rewrites Calendar to React/EUI #26741
  • Converts Setting page to React/EUI #27144
  • Ensures loading indicator is present on initial jobs load #27151
  • Prevents a new calendar save if a calendar with that id already exists #27104
  • Edits data recognizer modules to use KQL in saved objects #32766
  • Converts monitor sparklines to histogram #28502
  • Adds crosshair sync for monitor page charts #28631
  • Adds a new plugin for Uptime Monitoring #25480
  • Adds support for reindexing APM indices #29845
  • Adds a reindex warning for mapping type changes #32081
  • Adds warning callout to update APM index pattern #33661
  • Adds help menu item to header #29664
  • Implements global dark theme #28445
  • Removes support for the K6 navigation style #29565
  • Adds rest_total_hits_as_int to all requests in platform code that eventually look up #26432
  • Adds dist flag to the configuration context #26545
  • Prepares @kbn/datemath to be republished as @elastic/datemath #26559
  • Wraps remote methods in browser service #26394
  • Uses stream.pipeline to manage error handling #27246
Querying & Filtering
  • Moves the buildESQuery module (including filters and Kuery) into a separate package #23345
  • Adds comment explaining why getComputedFields adds a docvalue to docvalue_fields for each date field in an index pattern. #25725
  • Moves filtering functions out of #25280
  • Adds png output to reports #24759
  • Sorts ascending on sort order first then ascending on name. Any menu item without a sort order gets set to zero. #25058
  • In the Visualization Editor, removes the "Optimize for printing" option when exporting the visualization as PNG or PDF. The single visualization will automatically be optimized for printing #30456
  • Adds browser type to the reporting side panel #26307
  • Adds better logging for waitForSelector failure #25762
  • Enhances error messaging and handling #26299
  • Adds "Info" button in the Reporting listing #25421
  • Adds new inspector for chromium-backed reports #32430
  • Adds support for rolling up metrics of date fields #26450
  • Introduces content security policy (CSP) #29545
  • Warns legacy browsers that do not support content security policy #29957
  • Adds content security policy strict mode #29856
  • Updates the GET /api/security/role endpoint to return the list of roles sorted by name, rather than creation date #26491
  • Updates the Account Settings screen to show the change password form only when a password change is possible for the authentication realm #26779
  • Makes space selector a button #26889
  • Replaces Angular timepicker with EuiSuperDatePicker #29204
  • Upgrades Kibana to Elasticsearch 7.0 #29184
  • Maps inspector requests by id so single requests can be reset at a time #26770
  • Adds ODBC to blurb for start trail #27223
  • Adds a console.error for visualize errors #24581
  • Adds a timeout so that Vega respects elasticsearch.shardTimeout setting #30482
  • Removes experimental flag from Visual Builder (TSVB) #25634
  • Implements new visualization type selection #23833
  • Removes lab stage for visualizations, making experimental the only non-production stage available #25702
  • Makes markdown consistent across Kibana #31890
  • Adds option to open links in new tab in Time Series Visual Builder #31906
  • Adds max, min, placeholder to percentile in Time Series Visual Builder #32389
  • Displays interval information in Time Series Visual Builder when building #32117
  • Adds controls to toggle disable/enable individual series and annotations #33107
  • Updates Vega to version 4 #30628

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes missing Machine Learning data and NaN issue #34333
  • Fixes transaction sample on error page #34048
  • Uses form label for Transaction type selector #28322
  • Fixes icon for View trace button #28908
  • Shows metric-only services in service overview #30397
  • Adds span subtype and action to Span Flyout #30041
  • Updates head title and fixes breadcrumb string issues #29960
  • Adds fixes for scripted field #28488
  • Updates APM index pattern #30837
  • Updates APM reindex script #30761
  • Sets Index Pattern version as string #30789
  • Overrides EUI chart default styles for gridlines #21723
  • Adds section titles to span detail modal #20717
  • Fixes upgrade assistant label and copy #31750
  • Changes context.system.hostname to host.hostname for APM link #30884
  • Updates APM reindex script #31965
  • Updates APM index pattern #33595
  • Excludes assets from Canvas usage query #34516
  • Adds datetime as a date identifier #29537
  • Switches sample web logs fonts to 48px #30747
  • Fixes related to K7 design #30833
  • Fixes page preview size issue #26795
  • Fixes visual bug when opening the workpad loader #26647
  • Fixes page thumbnail sizes #26573
  • Decreases size of tray toggle #25470
  • Makes selection border 1px #26739
  • Fixes interpreter socket error #26870
  • Fixes duplicate Value options in math select value #25556
  • Gets correct plugins path #25448
  • Quotes the index pattern in SQL input #25488
  • Decreases the size of tray toggle #25470
  • Fixes the hours label container size #31838
  • Removes ID attribute #30736
  • Improves the plugin pre-build #25267
  • Removes dashboardContext function and makes Timelion, Vega, and Time Series Visual Builder use buildEsQuery #23227
  • Shows the filter bar in dashboard embed mode #32222
  • Updates dashboard design #29896
  • Adjusts side navigation interaction #29978
  • Converts Security UI from LESS to Sass #25079
  • Adds boilerplate Sass for Kibana core #21185
  • Makes dark mode overrides global #31628
  • Adds debug code to flaky field_data test #15535
  • Gets even more debug info for flaky field_data test #17627
  • Allows time ranges before the epoch in Discover #31807
  • Fixes Kibana Query Language handling of carriage return #32150
  • Improves warning messages when using Lucene-like syntax #31837
  • Update capitalization of KQL full name #31631
  • Adds placeholder text indicating the filters aggregation takes only Lucene and Query DSL #31296
  • Prevents sending request if it already failed during query parsing #31219
  • Fixes apps to always migrate legacy queries on state change #33276
  • Fixes panel cut off in K7 design #29209
  • Removes left-over geohash grid code #30312
  • Uses geo-tile aggregation instead of geohash precision #29776
  • Resolves URL dynamically when requesting EMS data #25685
  • Fixes EMS hotlink #26868
  • Fixes feature/align map config settings #19450
  • Removes geotile_grid aggregation from non-geospatial visualizations #31354
  • Coerces string doc-values to numbers if used in styling #33657
  • Fixes server-side retrieval of the Kibana version #31440
  • Fixes react router import #33659
  • Adapts settings ui to saved object version type change #30082
  • Fixes potential color bugs #26292
  • Fixes auto refresh button on node detail page #26426
  • Changes the time range from the last hour to the last 5 minutes for the Waffle Map #26278
  • Passes flag in request to force BWC hit count #26517
  • Replaces redux source slice with constate container #26121
  • Changes node detail link to set time range to 1 hour #26977
  • Stops showing sidenav while loading. #27119
  • Fixes styling after breaking EUI changes #27021
  • Fixes graphql type generation after package upgrades #26991
  • Removes usage of ts-optchain in the browser #27148
Machine Learning
  • Fixes filter and icon for APM Data Recognizer module #31112
  • Ensures cardinality related messages in Advanced job wizard are formatted correctly #33599
  • Adds title elements which were missing from Calendars pages #33257
  • Changes job wizard query to use match_all #32008
  • Adds calendars list to job management #32566
  • Fixes Job Selector text to take group selection into account #31333
  • Ensures that Job Selector description text is accurate #32441
  • Reduces space between headings in the expanded row for Category examples in Anomalies Table #32417
  • Removes use of types in datafeeds #27572
  • Fixes metric select double caret #30357
  • Removes old angular based start datafeed modal #30392
  • Handles removal of backend ml.enabled node attribute #27604
  • Edits labels in the Apache and Nginx ECS data recognizer modules #29935
  • Fixes for K7 compatibility #30536
  • Fixes broken label style in advanced wizard #30847
  • Adds ml-ui team to .github/CODEOWNERS #29810
  • Allows user to add/edit/delete annotations in the Single Series Viewer #26034
  • Does not pass datafeed query to Discover in custom URL #26957
  • Fixes word break in Anomalies and Jobs tables #26978
  • Fixes alignment of filter icons in the Anomalies table #26253
  • Shows useful error on invalid query in JobList search bar #25153
  • Adds user privilege check to Jobs List group selector control #25225
  • Fixes file data viz file size check and formats as bytes #25295
  • Fixes the layout of the cards in the Data Visualizer on IE #25383
  • Adds better error reporting for reading and importing data #24269
  • Displays an ordinal y axis for low cardinality rare charts #24852
  • Fixes typo in job validation message #25130
  • Removes deprecated angularjs based jobs list and related code #25216
  • Skips invalid modules when data recognizer lists matches #33703
  • Filters only on name in Index Management #34372
  • Removes grunt sterilize - its been replaced by kbn clean #27825
  • Makes Index management table more responsive #28882
  • Fixes index pattern wizard when there are remote clusters but no local indices #24339
  • Uses new _graph endpoints #26956
  • Adjusts spacing of Management navigation items #25666
  • Updates "Disenroll" text to be consistent with menu option "Unenroll" #26816
  • Fixes broken breadcrumb link for index management #27164
  • Fixes issue with multiple execution in Console #26933
  • Reloads full index list when reload hits missing index #27197
  • Adds boilerplate for remote clusters management app #25369
  • Adds ignore_failure to ingest common auto complete in console #24915
  • Removes support for expression-based scripted fields #14310
  • Adds WatchErrors to capture invalid watches #23887
  • Rewords the translation id for error with missing property in Watcher #24753
  • Triggers full load when encountering 403 for index list reload #28243
  • Updates X-Pack console specs #29506
  • Fixes API integration test for follower indices #30260
  • Fixes management footer logo spacing bug #30654
  • Updates to read from .monitoring-*-7-* indices #32654
  • Adds in explicit mappings #33004
  • Stops using the normalized derivative value #27416
  • Updates the title in the left nav to Stack Monitoring #28102
  • Prepares the Monitoring UI codebase for the incoming changes to #26442
  • Updates browser title to Stack Monitoring #29638
  • Fixes Monitoring design #29479
  • Removes old index patterns that are not expected in 7.0.0 onwards #27915
  • Removes deprecated xpack.monitoring.report_stats setting #30017
  • Fixes monitoring tests to work with mapping changes #29188
  • Removes type filter helper #30887
  • Fixes error handling for local stats collection/permissions #26560
  • Removes initial delay to check and send Telemetry data #26575
  • Pulls local Kibana usage stats #26496
  • Converts the Elasticsearch monitoring UIs to using EUI tables and page layout #26217
  • Renames Monitoring FormattedMessage to FormattedAlert #24197
  • Uses the cluster name from metadata if it exists #24495
  • Fixes 7.x references to tcp.port #29132
  • Ports functional tests to 7.x #29398
  • Ports unit tests to master #29876
  • Adds missing loading states for filter bar and snapshot components #30122
  • Removes double-format for duration value #30664
  • Switches Uptime localization from i18n provider to context #31601
  • Improves monitor charts query #30561
  • Adds global help support to Uptime #31493
  • Updates targeted index pattern for 7.0.0 #30998
  • Removes the usage of types from Esqueue used for the .reporting index #32146
  • Fixes IPv6 addresses used with Angular connector #29891
  • Fixes makelogs dependency #31428
  • Runs the Kibana server in production mode for functional testing #31346
  • Uses fs.copyFile to avoid race condition #32220
  • Removes hash -r #32616
  • Fixes JUnit reporter #32686
  • Adds options to run() that can modify help and show help on errors #33466
  • Captures values from boolean flags #33528
  • Fixes incorrect environment name for V8 options #31052
  • Removes svg from url-loader, as it conflicts with other loaders #30888
  • Uses apiVersion from es plugin in x-pack #30853
  • Clones saved object document before migrating to prevent accidental mutations #30475
  • Removes node fallback from kibana-keystore #15066
  • Adds debug script to set inspect flags #15967
  • Uses snake case for scripts/kibana-keystore.js and scripts/kibana-plugin.js #15331
  • Updates license info in package.json #20353
  • Fixes error log formatting #24788
  • Matches chalk dependency version on Kibana with the one used on X-Pack #20621
  • Fixes non-conforming licenses on devDependencies and adds the ability to whitelist devOnly licenses #23859
  • Adds jsxa11y into eslint rules #23932
  • Reverts Bump react-grid-layout to 0.16.0 #14912
  • Reverts breaking change for Status API #21927
  • Converts utils/collection to TypeScript #23992
  • Removes usage of update_all_types #16406
  • Improves the yarn kbn bootstrap speed by using yarn workspaces for packages inside packages/* and x-pack #24095
  • Runs jenkins:unit task with dev flag in order to run license check #19832
  • Does not break on startup in debug mode #19219
  • Removes types from saved_objects repository #32286
  • Fixes custom icon image paths in NavDrawer #33573
  • Fixes back button navigation #32372
  • Improves types for ftr and expect.js and cleans up tsconfig files #31948
  • Strips # from hash before updating ``$location` #32732
  • Removes disableAutoAngularUrlEncodingFix()` #33136
  • Removes unused system-loader implementation #33747
  • Moves the table vis migration to Kibana plugin #29478
  • Allows passing a default operator to use on saved object client find operations #29339
  • Fixes saved object repository bulkCreate to return migrated references and attributes #29754
  • Adds missing saved object reference handling for searchSourceJSON filter attribute #29840
  • Excludes migrationVersion and references from getRootPropertiesObjects result #30081
  • Removes dependency on doc versions #29906
  • Adds typings for saved object client #29951
  • Uses lastSubUrl when appropriate #28735
  • Removes es _xpack endpoint usage #29465
  • Adds typings for the saved_object_finder react component #30067
  • Fixes the confirm overwrite modal of saved objects to handle large titles #28590
  • Decreases start limit and interval #25474
  • Adds --download flag to snapshot command to warm the cache #25830
  • Implements --prefer-offline flag #25840
  • Fixes watcher routes broken by Hapi upgrade #26713
  • Fixes non-conforming licenses on devDependencies and adds the ability to whitelist devOnly licenses #23859
  • Watches optimizer cache invalidation #24172
  • Adds normalizePath in order to fix watch optimizer when running on Windows #26486
  • Creates vendor dll for the client modules #22618
  • Upgrades to NodeJS 10 #25157
  • Improves plugin version mismatch error message #25774
  • Improves build/packaging #26096
  • Swaps jstimezonedetect with #21800
  • Upgrades resize-observer-polyfill version #26990
  • Fixes saved objects client _processBatchQueue function to handle errors #26763
  • Changes kbn pm webpack config to generate dist files in mode=none #26847
  • Hides logs from deleteAll on task: clean client modules into dll #26884
  • Upgrades resize-observer-polyfill version #26990
  • Uses single-node discovery type for the test ES node/cluster #27125
  • Moves moment to peerDependency in elastic-datemath #27264
  • Transforms plugin deprecations before checking for unused settings #21294
  • Expands list of restricted globals in eslint-config-kibana #15798
  • Makes logs easier to read on Windows with chalk colors #15557
  • Fixes includeFields function to return root saved object properties #33847
  • Refactors routes files and helpers #30111
  • Deletes sortOrder once items have been sorted and does not pass to EuiContextMenuItem in the share context menu #26890
  • Fixes a regression bug in detection of Error and Warning toast notifications #25482
  • Stops passing an empty formatConfig to the fieldFormats helper #27168
  • Returns promise in Reporting jobs API #24769
  • Uses content-disposition package for non-US font titles in reporting #30895
  • Uses lowercased server host settings #33020
  • Shows loading state in Rollup Job detail panel. #25752
  • Specifies Rollup Jobs breadcrumbs in header. #26590
  • Requires histogram interval in Rollup Job wizard to be a whole number. #26596
  • Removes duplicate rendered sections #28566
  • Adds tests for interpreter createSocket #29459
  • Moves the server-side SavedObjectClient types from the spaces plugin to the same location as the corresponding JavaScript source files #26448
  • Respects the basePath for the link to the user profile in the k7 header #26417
  • Fixes prettier throw rule error #26071
  • Fixes authentication logic to fail out of auth flow on first provider failure #26648
  • Fixes issues with the being null in Node 10 #26992
  • Fixes DLS query toggle on the role management page #27213
  • Implements the K7 login screen #23512
  • Fixes missing column totals in data table #34169
  • Hides gauge labels when value is hidden #34171
  • Changes sample data sets to use auto_expand_replicas of 0-1 for added data resiliency and ease of administration #33736
  • Fixes broken CSV export from data table #34131
  • Hides gauge labels when value is hidden #34171
  • Removes dangerously set inner HTML #33976
  • Fixes gauge filters #30057
  • Fixes fieldformatter calls in pipeline helper #29842
  • Adds pipeline field formatting #28746
  • Removes kibana_table pipeline type #28979
  • Moves renderers registry to OSS #28986
  • Prepares for cut over to the visualize data loader from the current expression pipeline data loader #29873
  • Toggles between Expression Pipeline & Visualize Data loader #29874
  • Fixes every app that was wrapping query in an array unnecessarily #27636
  • Fixes build issue and reintroduces new filter bar #29752
  • Adds index pattern URL change notes #30779
  • Fixes visualization filters to ignore invalid entries #30633
  • Expands the size of add panels flyout and increases default rows per page #30508
  • Fixes support for React 16.4+ by only resetting state if adaptors are updated #26138
  • Fixes scrolling list on Firefox #26246
  • Guards against empty and undefined index pattern arrays passed to QueryBar #24607
  • Removes unused indexPattern from vega/tsvb/timelion request handler #26007
  • Passes global filters from editor down to visualize #26009
  • Stops using schemas in aggconfigs to output DSL #26010
  • Fixes kbn-interpreter package to not import from UI #26161
  • Fixes OSS dynamic plugin loading by reverting to Canvas way of loading plugins #26463
  • Fixes other bucket option to correctly apply without having to change other settings #26874
  • Adds en as a valid numeral locale setting #25948
  • Adds rest_total_hits_as_int into Kibana App #26404
  • Uses Canvas pipeline to fetch data inside Visualize #25996
  • Adds warning to the documentation_links file about link validation gotcha #24786
  • Adds workaround for getDerivedStateFromProps change in react 16.4 #25142
  • Fixes "Set up index patterns" link on home page #16128
  • Fixes Time Series Visual Builder so that auto apply changes on every click #33710
  • Removes the geo_centroid and geo_bounds aggregations from nested metrics #34042
  • Replaces deprecated moving_avg by moving_fn aggregation #34155
  • Adds autocomplete to Time Series Visual Builder #30158
  • Fixes missing Markdown variables #28173
  • Removes filter bar for Markdown visualizations #30354
  • Corrects label for OS visualization in logs sample data #30249
  • Fixes filter function on pie chart segment #26321
  • Rewrites URL when closing vis type selection modal #26327
  • Changes unbind calls from .on to .off #24575
  • Fixes date field in controls visualization by generating labels with the field formatter #25654
  • Replaces LESS files with Sass in ui/public/vis, visLib, and visualize #25333
  • Replaces LESS files with Sass for the visualization types in core_plugin/metrics #24250
  • Moves timeout to _msearch body to fix time series visual builder requests #26510
  • Adds description for all visualization types #26243
  • Defaults the scroll wheel zoom to false on Vega maps #21169
  • Fixes problem within the input_vis_control plugin that prevents it from updating correctly if the field is switched, and then switched back to the previous field #25164
  • Uses vega-nocanvas instead of Vega lib #16137
  • Migrates visualization from Angular to React #16425
  • Fixes maps for reporting (#15272) #15358
  • Stops creation of nested search source per postflightrequest #20373
  • Moves inspector code from Vis to embeddable visualize handler #24112
  • Removes inspector from Vis #24112
  • Fixes issue with debounce function running after component was unmounted #15045
  • Fixes for dark mode fixes for Visualize charts, Time Series Visual Builder, and Timelion #30478
  • Fixes geohash checkbox group spacing #32664
  • Removes deep clone from courier request handler #32806
  • Ensures saved filters from searchSource are always passed to response handlers #33074
  • Adds new visualization search selection #30196
  • Changes visualization save dialog when adding to dashboard #32883
  • Fixes missing variables preview in Time Series Visual Builder markdown #30830
  • Fixes incorrect behavior when filling the interval field with values: s,m,d,M,y #32542
  • Fixes multi-metric gauge with vertical sizing #33245
  • Fixes Time Series Visual Builder display on small screen resolution #33299
  • Fixes Time Series Visual Builder metric and gauge panels when splitting data by numbers #33304
  • Fixes Time Series Visual Builder percentile ranks with integer values that return no results #33397
  • Fixes Time Series Visual Builder issue with table view #33645
  • Fixes Time Series Visual Builder issue with wrong color rules on multiple metrics #31455
  • Fixes Time Series Visual Builder issue with percentiles for table #32084
  • Switches all Time Series Visual Builder comboboxes to plain text single selection #31879
  • Fixes table visualization to format date string when grouping by date field #31783
  • Adds flex wrap to metric visualization container #31891
  • Fixes missing axis labels when moving position #32628
  • Fixes vislib legend entry width #33303
  • Fixes legend / color picker overflow #30960
  • Fixes total Metric Count inside donut pie charts #29086
  • Adds labels for sort order and request preference setting #31236
  • Fixes time picker quick ranges description #32455
  • Adds check for extraMetric in point server tooltip hovers #32641
  • Switches sample data objects to KQL #32718
  • Migrate visualization controls to use references #30880
  • Dedupes by index pattern ID rather than object identity #32350
  • Ensures extra columns are not shown in table visualization when showPartialRows:true #27154
  • Uses default index pattern when one is not present in Visualize #30574
  • Surfaces visualization loader errors in the UI #30594