Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 7.13.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Adds proxyBypassHosts and proxyOnlyHosts Kibana config keys #95365
  • Make alerts list sortable by name and status #93426
  • Adds Connectors APIs and deprecates old Actions APIs as per the new Alerting terminology #92451
  • Adds a Reason indicator to the onClose handler in AddAlert and EditAlert #92149
  • Ability to filter alerts by string parameters #92036
  • Adds agent central configuration for PHP agent #97462
  • Displays a column for service name in the logs tab in trace overview #97451
  • Moves the transaction type selector to the search bar #96685
  • Service overview: Instances table metadata foldout #96467
  • Instances latency distribution chart tooltips and axis fixes #95577
  • Color by span type when there’s only one service #90424
  • Break down error table api removing the sparklines #89138
  • Fixes bug with plot sorting #98084
  • Creates a Labs service for Presentation Solutions #95435
  • Only Apply Explicit Input On Copy To #98083
  • Makes Lens the default editor for creating new panels #96181
  • Adds shared toolbar component #94139
  • Adds ability to clone drilldowns #91959
  • Do not set fieldsFromSource when not using fields API #98575
  • Fixes wrong sort order with empty sort URL parameter #97434
  • Adds an Options menu for switching between the two table modes #97120
  • Discover: Limit document table rendering #96765
  • Adds runtime field editor to Discover #96762
  • Integration of Runtime Fields editor - edit operation #95498
  • Improve sidebar rendering for large field lists #95038
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 7.13.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Hide Fleet Server policies in standalone agent instructions #98787
  • Adds troubleshooting link to setup instructions #98531
  • Adds ability to specify which integration variables should be configurable #97163
  • Configure Fleet packages and integrations through endpoint #94509
  • Adds submitOnBlur functionality to QueryStringInput #93819
Kibana Home & Add Data
  • Update Cloud plugin to handle new config in kibana.yml #95569
Lens & Visualizations
  • Advanced JSON input in visualize editor is always light scheme #97232
  • Better defaults for top values odering in Lens #97099
  • Visualize runtime fields in TSVB #95772
  • Enables url drilldowns for range selection in TSVB #95296
  • Allow import/export of timelion-sheet saved object in Timelion #95048
  • Allow modifying curve type for line/area series charts in Lens #94675
  • Carry previous configured formatter in Last value in Lens #93784
  • Integrates the color service in TSVB #93749
  • Change the default mode from last value to entire timerange in TSVB #93608
  • Enable dual mode, support index patterns and strings in TSVB #92812
  • Implement filtered metric in Lens #92589
  • Show an indicator when using Last Value mode in TSVB #91977
  • Adds the runtime field editor to Lens #91882
  • Introduces new chart switcher in Lens #91844
  • Control round and decimal places in Gauge Visualization when using aggregate functions like average #91293
  • Integrates legend color picker with the eui palette #90589
  • Transpose columns in Lens #89748
  • Support for number, date and IP range data types #76971
  • Support runtime fields in the log threshold alert #97603
  • Display and query runtime fields from KIPs in the log stream and entry flyout #97467
  • Adds error.stack_trace to the default log formatter #94906
  • Support Kibana index patterns in the Logs app settings #94849
Machine Learning
  • Fixes pagination and sorting on trained models list page #99061
  • Data Frame Analytics results: ensure model evaluation stats are shown #97486
  • UI enhancements for anomaly detection rule type #97626
  • Persist apply time range switch setting in anomaly detection job selector flyout #97407
  • Anomaly detection rule lookback interval improvements #97370
  • Adds annotation markers to the anomaly swim lane axis #97202
  • Data frame analytics: Ensure creation and results views display nested fields correctly #96905
  • Adds commonly used ranges to date picker #96501
  • Adds network ML module with four ML jobs for ECS network data #96480
  • Adds runtime support for anomaly charts & add composite validations #96348
  • Data frame analytics: Add accuracy and recall stats to results view #96270
  • Data frame analytics: Adds support for runtime fields #95734
  • Adds anomaly charts embeddables to Dashboard from Anomaly Explorer page #95623
  • Adds search time runtime support for index based Data Visualizer #95252
  • Adding ML module asset type #94950
  • Data frame analytics: Fix ROC curve chart for binary classification #94791
  • Adds Anomaly Explorer charts embeddable #94396
  • Data frame analytics creation wizard: Add validation step #93478
  • Adding support for saved object based ML modules #92855
  • Rename advanced setting ml:fileDataVisualizerMaxFileSize to fileUpload:maxFileSize and increase max geojson upload size to 1GB #92620
  • Use indices options in anomaly detection job wizards #91830
  • Fixes search sessions docs link #98918
  • Fixes display of expired session state in management #98915
  • Transforms/Data Frame Analytics: Fix freezing wizard for indices with massive amounts of fields #98259
  • Fixes handling of switching modes & handling of non JSON data #97983
  • Fixes copy as cURL #97968
  • Fixes field filtering #97189
  • Fixes runtime mapping texts to runtime fields, add transform switch modal #97008
  • Support max primary shard size rollover field #96545
  • Move other bucket into Search Source #96384
  • Added readonly toggle in cold phase #96036
  • Adds "Include aliases" toggle to the Restore Snapshot Wizard #95882
  • Display time labels in search session popover #95082
  • Make session name editable #94610
  • Cloud deployment form when adding new cluster #94450
  • Adds multitable support to Inspector #94077
  • Adds support for frozen phase #93068
  • Index pattern field editor #88995
  • Show layer name in tooltip #97175
  • Adds visibility toggle and fit to bounds buttons to layer quick actions menu #97013
  • Enable filtering with spatial relationships on geo_point fields #96849
  • Enable distance filtering on geo_shape #96832
  • Adds cache control to mvt endpoints #94861
  • Do not track total hits for elasticsearch search requests #91754
  • Increase the groupBy pagination size on metric threshold alerts #99683
  • Adds anomalies tab to enhanced host details overlay #96967
  • Improved UI error messaging for handling ES query errors in a snapshot endpoint #96871
  • Adds log rate tab to enhanced host details overlay #96596
  • Change composite.size of snapshot ES query to improve speed #95994
  • Change top_hits aggregation to top_metrics for snapshot api #95644
  • Adds preview charts to Inventory alerts #91658
  • Enhanced metrics widget on Observability overview page #90879
  • Adds anomalies table to Metrics app #90305
  • Fetch detection adoption metrics #97789
  • Added ability to possibly distinguish between Agent type metrics in APM #95129
  • Added cgroup option for APM cpu usage #90873
  • HTTP-Server: Graceful shutdown #97223
  • Adds docker images for ARM64 based operating systems #84831
  • Enable osquery plugin #97422
  • Adds search deep links for APM, Metrics, Logs, and Dev Tools #96135
  • Adds per space configuration to custom header banner #94449
  • Don’t trigger auto-refresh until previous refresh completes #93410
  • Adds helper for using find with pit and search_after #92981
  • Client side search cache #92439
  • Adds id and copyMetaFrom arg to mapColumn fn + add configurable onError argument to math fn #90481
  • Re-write CSV Export using SearchSource #88303
  • Forbid setting the Location and Refresh custom response headers #98129
  • Adds config properties for HTTP security headers #97158
  • Added ability to create API keys #92610
  • Expose session invalidation API #92376
  • Allows editing broken visualizations caused by runtime fields changes #94798
  • Synthetics - add transfer size, resource size, and status to waterfall flyout #97042
  • Preconfigured alert history index connector #94909
  • Adds Custom Fleet Integration UI #91584
  • Support agent data streams #91469
  • Synthetic check steps list view #90978
  • Service overview: Introduce time-series comparison #88665
  • Search made easy #88581

Bug Fixesedit

  • Fixing Elasticsearch query rule to allow matching on 0 documents #97735
  • Create task to cleanup action execution failures #96971
  • Skip rendering empty add action variables button as disabled #96342
  • Ensures ES Query uses the correct sort value to avoid duplicate detections #94349
  • Deprecates reloadAlerts and replaces with onSave in Alert creation and editing #91997
  • Persist transaction type when navigating from service inventory #99407
  • Fetch data from the service overview with correct transaction type #98657
  • Transaction duration histogram buckets without samples are clickable #98540
  • Fix responsive breakpoints in header controls #98179
  • Fix incorrect APM throughput (tpm) on home page #95991
  • Fix spaces issue for static index patterns #95799
  • Prevent infinite redirects on Observability getting started page #95083
  • Fixes browser timezone in screenshots #93583
  • Disable context menu "Explore underlying data" by default #98039
  • Fixes Lens and TSVB chart tooltip positioning relative to global headers #94247
  • Improves lost indexpattern scenario in saved visualization #91377
  • A11y improvements, focus glitches fixes, unskip tests #94148
  • Exclude metafields from fields request #99443
  • Request docvalue fields from fields #98874
  • Fixes redirect from Dashboard #97098
  • Sort option: Introduce format parameter #96774
  • Remove redundant execution of onRequestStart when fetching data #94093
  • The discover:aggs:terms:size advanced setting got removed since it was no longer used #93437
  • Close inspector when switching app #92994
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 7.13.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Correctly parse falsy YAML fields in agent policy integrations #95966
  • Match telemetry key names to UI agent states #95567
  • Ignore inactive agents when removing a policy #94311
  • Correctly track install status of an integration #93464
  • Fix default integration name when adding 10+ names #93278
  • Prevent duplicate enrollment token names #92735
  • Set all keyword and text fields for index.query.default_field index template setting #91791
Lens & Visualizations
  • Fixes problem with controls not being displayed on a map in Vega #97373
  • Directly submit query in Lens #97254
  • Improve handling of mixed axes in Lens #97236
  • Improve custom label handling in Lens #97219
  • Visualize data table: Summary row is detached and jumps in Firefox #97083
  • Fixes mobile view in Lens #96957
  • Enable partial pasting in drilldowns #96830
  • Fixes problem with series being displayed twice #96773
  • Fixes bug with escape colons in field names in the metric/split parameter in Timelion #96770
  • Fixes fields clearing within the Editor #96767
  • Fixes annotation line doesn’t work if no index pattern is applied in TSVB #96646
  • Fixes transferable logic to handle newer operations on datasource change in Lens #96617
  • Fixes not populating fields list if "Auto apply" is off in TSVB #96298
  • Wrong custom values formatting for the empty buckets in TSVB #96293
  • Fixes wrong field list on overriding index pattern for series in TSVB #96204
  • Stacked line charts incorrectly shows one term as 100% #96203
  • Do not re-render embeddable so often in Lens #95653
  • Fixes area percentage gaps with zero fitting function in Lens #94086
  • Fixes wrong suggestions from Datatable to other visualizations in Lens #93920
  • Remove warning about ordinal x-domain in Lens #93049
  • Set pie chart slices sorted clockwise in Lens #92617
  • Allow image loading without CORS policy by changing the default to crossOrigin=null in Vega #91991
  • Markdown variables not working for empty labels in TSVB #91838
  • Handle undefined case for runtime_mappings in ML job configs #98728
  • Don’t break log stream on syntactically invalid KQL #98191
  • Use create over update for log source configuration updates #97818
  • Allow for missing properties on ES shard failure responses #96768
  • Hide Create Alert option when user lacks privileges #92000
Machine Learning
  • Fixes alerting rule preview #98907
  • Data frame analytics: Fix special character escaping for Vega scatterplot matrix #98763
  • Disable Single Metric Viewer and Anomaly Explorer charts for nested terms aggregations #98510
  • Fixes Single Metric Viewer and Anomaly Explorer charts still loading even after failure #98490
  • Improve check for runtime fields in datafeed query #98289
  • Fixes anomaly swim lane embeddable data fetch on minor resize #98258
  • Fixes Single Metric Viewer annotation tooltip hard to trigger #98233
  • Fixes Single Metric Viewer forecast bounds being cut off in time slider in context chart #98027
  • Data frame analytics map: Deselect node after node action or flyout close #97922
  • Data frame analytics wizard: Ensure progress is updated correctly #97889
  • Fixing categorization job wizard with CCS #97855
  • Fixes Anomaly Detection job model memory limit input editable when datafeed is open #97723
  • Fixes Data Visualizer event rate chart empty for some indices when using long time range #97655
  • Fixes vertical overflow of the anomaly swim lane embeddable #97127
  • Ensure ROC chart gets loaded correctly #96890
  • Fixes check for too many selected buckets in Anomaly Explorer charts #96771
  • Excludes metadata fields from jobs caps fields service response #96548
  • Fixes switches positioning on the transform and data frame analytics wizards #96535
  • Data frame analytics exploration: Ensure training filters work as expected #96500
  • Fixes anomaly detection wizard full time range chart blank with saved search containing runtime fields #95700
  • Adds pagination control to Data Visualizer failures to rendering all errors at a single time #93839
  • Fixes styling of Single Metric Viewer chart for dark theme #93581
  • Transforms: Fix handling of fields with keyword mapping available #98882
  • Fixes snapshot name wrapping issue #97527
  • Prevent # char in repository name #97495
  • Remove panel desaturation #97473
  • Fixes runtime mappings not copy-able in Transform wizard #95996
  • Extract License service from CCR and Watcher into license_api_guard plugin in x-pack #95973
  • Integer validator for timing and rollover fields #95438
  • Fixes Transform runtime mappings retain original definition when cloning #95436
  • Fixes Transform runtime mapping editor so mappings can be removed #95108
  • Remove cloud validation for slm policy #93609
  • Fix: do not send non-serializable fields over HTTP #93207
  • Correctly format numeric histograms outside Discover #91576
  • Prevent rewrite of date_histogram interval #91408
  • Fixes cannot read propery getImage of undefined #97829
  • Hide label UX for 3rd party mvt lines and polygons #97731
  • Fixes layer in preview mode shows different results after uploading geojson file when feature-count exceeds ES-search limit #97157
  • Only allow sorting on numeric fields for tracks #96877
  • Fixes fit to data doesn’t work in TMS #95980
  • Remove invisible layers from querybar #94943
  • Safe-erase text-field #94873
  • Chunk geojson upload to keep import requests under 1MB #93678
  • Compare SearchFilters to determine whether mvt layers can skip update #93531
  • Support GeometryCollections in GeoJson upload #93507
  • Abort ES-search when tile request is cancelled #92069
  • Track tile loading status #91585
  • Prevent rerendering of Waffle Map when user opens View List or Manage Views modal #99411
  • Don’t mount NodeContextMenu when is not visible #99207
  • Use the normalized field for CPU usage for Observability Overview #98995
  • Don’t render node if group width is 0 or NaN #98980
  • Fixing race condition in Metric Threshold alerts #98563
  • Fixes chart count total in Metrics Explorer #94792
  • Fixes preview charts for inventory alerts when using a filter #94561
  • Use memory limit for K8S when available #93686
  • Hide Create Alert options for a read-only user #91951
  • 7.13: Fix size with detection rule telemetry #99900
  • Limit alert creation to allowed spaces #99128
  • Avoid adding the health monitoring data into the service status #98265
  • Remove ms label from CPU load on status page #92836
Querying & Filtering
  • Remove resize-observer from FilterBar #99603
  • Skip slow wildcard checks when query is only * #96902
  • Fixes focus state of the changing all filters button after closing popover #94919
  • Fixes spaces are converted to non-breaking spaces in Safari. Support escaping unicode characters in KQL. Make non-breaking space part of a KQL grammar #94688
  • Adds a link to the reporting management dashboard in the started job toast #93961
  • Fixes Monitor status toggle alert receovery state #89273