Shorten URL APIedit

[preview] This functionality is in technical preview and may be changed or removed in a future release. Elastic will apply best effort to fix any issues, but features in technical preview are not subject to the support SLA of official GA features. Convert a Kibana URL into a token. Kibana URLs contain the state of the application, which makes them long and cumbersome. Internet Explorer has URL length restrictions, and some wiki and markup parsers don’t do well with the full-length version of the Kibana URL.

Short URLs are designed to make sharing Kibana URLs easier.


POST <kibana host>:<port>/api/shorten_url

Request bodyedit

(Required, string) The Kibana URL that you want to shorten, relative to /app/kibana.

Response bodyedit

A top-level property that contains the shortened URL token for the provided request body.

Response codeedit

Indicates a successful call.


$ curl -X POST api/shorten_url
  "url": "/app/kibana#/dashboard?_g=()&_a=(description:'',filters:!(),fullScreenMode:!f,options:(hidePanelTitles:!f,useMargins:!t),panels:!((embeddableConfig:(),gridData:(h:15,i:'1',w:24,x:0,y:0),id:'8f4d0c00-4c86-11e8-b3d7-01146121b73d',panelIndex:'1',type:visualization,version:'7.0.0-alpha1')),query:(language:lucene,query:''),timeRestore:!f,title:'New%20Dashboard',viewMode:edit)"

The API returns the following:

  "urlId": "f73b295ff92718b26bc94edac766d8e3"

For easy sharing, construct the shortened Kibana URL: