7.6.0 release highlightsedit

Explore the new features in Kibana 7.6.

Elastic Maps improvements

Color the data points on your map based on the discrete values in a categorical field. Add text labels to give your viewers more information about the data you’re overlaying on your maps.

Categorical styling in Maps

Embeddable maps in Canvas

Incorporate a geospatial perspective into a Canvas workpad.

Embedded maps in Canvas

Lens improvements

Use scripted fields in your visualizations, just like any other field in the index. Rapidly reset a layer with a single click instead of removing data fields one at a time.

Scripted fields in Lens

Nested field support

Query on nested fields using KQL. You can query for a user whose first name is Tom and whose last name is Hanks, or a user whose first name is Tom and last name is Smith. Our documentation contains examples for you to follow.

Nested field

Machine learning improvements

Explore the results of your classification and regression data frame analytics jobs in Kibana. Use a new wizard to create categorization anomaly detection jobs. If you use APM, there are also new pre-configured anomaly detection jobs.

Classification results

Learn moreedit

Get more details on these features in the Kibana 7.6 release blog. For a complete list of enhancements and other changes, check out the Kibana 7.6 release notes.

Give 7.6 a tryedit

Try 7.6 now by deploying Elasticsearch and Kibana on Elastic Cloud or by downloading them. Let us know what you think on Twitter (@elastic) or in our forum.