Kibana 7.3.1edit

Breaking changesedit

See also breaking changes in 7.3.

  • Fixes import API so it doesn’t override SavedObjectClient errors #41125

Bug fixesedit

  • Makes sure tooltips for metric charts are synced #42139
  • Fixes IE11 fullscreen behavior to properly position workpad #42544
  • Fixes a bug where selecting a period in the discover histogram did not result in a refresh. #43097
  • Fixes Firefox continuously changing filter position order when applying more than 1 filter. See issue #41567.
  • Moves Geojson deep clone logic to Elasticsearch, making Geojson upload more stable when uploading large geometries. #41835
  • Fixes maps Geojson upload hanging on index step #42623
  • Formats doc-ids as strings #42011
  • Modifies Fit-to-data action to fit to all visible features, even ones without a corresponding result in the join. #42020
Infra Logs UI
  • Fixes section mapping bug in node detail page #41641
  • Fixes autocomplete to use proper derived index pattern #42287
Machine Learning
  • Fixes basic license redirect #41876
  • Fixes file datavisualizer mapping overrides #42047
  • Fixes ml when spaces feature is disabled #42564
  • Fixes check for watcher being enabled #43025
  • Removes validation for email action body attribute in Watcher #42009
  • Fixes minor Console regressions introduced during EUIfication. #41089
  • Fixes issue when removing scripted fields #42838
  • Only fetches a single cluster data instead of all clusters when possible #42469
  • Uses async/await pattern which should address weird bug #42876
  • Uses fixed_interval explicitly for date_histogram aggregations #37023
  • Overrides org.label-schema.license Docker label #42836
  • Fixes CSV export of saved searches that have _source field #43123
  • Correctly sets kibanaRoot on Kibana plugin helpers for new generated plugins #42616
  • Fixes scaling logic to check agg type instead schema #42574
  • Fixes an issue in the Reporting jobs listing page that sometimes prevented it from rendering #42419
  • Fixes problem in TSVB when group by "Everything" fails to calculate data with "Overall" metrics #42074
  • Fixes error when filters agg filters are a query_string query #43310
  • Fixes tooltip text overflow #41703