Export Objectsedit

This functionality is experimental and may be changed or removed completely in a future release.

The export saved objects API enables you to retrieve a set of saved objects that can later be imported into Kibana.

Note: You cannot access this endpoint via the Console in Kibana.


POST /api/saved_objects/_export

Request Bodyedit

type (optional)
(array|string) The saved object type(s) that the export should be limited to
objects (optional)
(array) A list of objects to export
includeReferencesDeep (optional)
(boolean) This will make the exported objects include all the referenced objects needed

Note: At least type or objects must be passed in.

Response bodyedit

The response body will have a format of newline delimited JSON.


The following example exports all index pattern saved objects.

POST api/saved_objects/_export
  "type": "index-pattern"

A successful call returns a response code of 200 along with the exported objects as the response body.

The following example exports specific saved objects.

POST api/saved_objects/_export
  "objects": [
      "type": "dashboard",
      "id": "be3733a0-9efe-11e7-acb3-3dab96693fab"