Kibana 7.2.1edit

See also breaking changes in 7.2.


Machine Learning
  • Only adds ML links for sample data sets if full license #38120
  • Adds check that forecast duration is no more than 3650 days #38408
  • Uptime: Adds error callout for filter bar #38140

Bug fixesedit

  • Uses default locale as fallback for EMS tile layers #40433
Infra Logs UI
  • Infra UI: Resets error when IP address changes to valid entry #38022
Machine Learning
  • Closes job after forecast errors if starting from closed #38253
  • Shows time range button on index data viz when not on full license #38789
  • Increases max data frame transforms in list from 100 to 1000 #38973
  • Data Frames: Fixes crash of the source table for complex field values #39878
  • Console: Fixes field autocomplete suggestions #38948
  • Console: Fixes aggs autocompletion #40816
  • Console: Fixes bug caused by rapidly opening and closing the History tab #38950
  • Index Management: Improves user experiences for permissions error #38916
  • Index Management: Warns user before closing or deleting Kibana index #39018
  • License Management: Checks permissions before loading license management actions #39183
  • Search Profiler: Fixes placeholder color contrast accessibility in Index input #38952
  • Adds zoomout functionality to all charts #39072
  • Adds log message for error scenario around missing licensing #40660
  • Feature Controls: Only navigates to index pattern management if available #40067
  • Spaces: Fixes scenario where a Space is created via the API without specifying any disabledFeatures #40017
  • Fixes problem with Rollup tag not showing on rollup index patterns in list #40297
  • Fixes show listing limit so it no longer shows a false warning #38246
  • Fixes tooltip label name rendering in pie charts #40105
  • Fixes visualization migration when savedSearchId is an empty string #40172
  • Checks whether vis type exists #39803
  • Fixes visualizations for rollups using fixed_interval or calendar_interval #39537
  • Fixes custom vis types buildPipeline #39874