Kibana 7.0.1edit

See breaking changes for the changes to be aware of when migrating your application from one version of Kibana to another.


  • Enhances design for Search Profiler, including dark mode #33445
  • Sets a default timeout for all "waitFor" methods #34756

Bug fixesedit

  • Updates APM migration reindex script #34801
  • Recreates handlers and resets completed state on expression change #33900
  • Fixes bad context check #35621
  • Updates README for KUI to note deprecation #34389
  • Resets heading and p tags to EUI font reset #33717
  • Changes autocomplete suggest for number_of_shards to default (1) #35657
Cross-Cluster Replication
  • Updates the Delete Remote Cluster API to support multiple comma-delimited clusters #34595
  • Allows user to use CCR when security is not enabled #35333
  • Retrieves paused state of follower index from ES instead of depending upon the client to provide it #35342
  • Fixes filling x-axis values for date histogram #35247
  • Updates map name in breadcrumb when changed #34287
  • Filters fields properly for join right field select #35098
  • Clears data load error when layer gets correct data #34484
Index Lifecycle Management
  • Fixes crash when zero replicas configured in a phase for policy #34480
  • Fixes metrics chart tooltip alignment #34749
  • Sets [System][auth] program name correctly #34212
Kibana Home & Add Data
  • Adds documentation link to Functionbeat to fix Getting Started Guide #35174
Machine Learning
  • Ensures cardinality warning is only shown on validity fail #34874
  • Adds data-test-subj to some job management elements #35284
  • Ensures viewByFieldName is retained on Anomaly Explorer initialize #35260
  • Monitors internal telemetry collection #34609
  • Addresses shard allocation color mismatch #34086
  • Protects against fields not existing in Logstash Nodes listing #34939
  • Fixes field name for "Events Ingested" in Logstash Node List page #35122
  • Swaps KUI base class with EUI equivalent #34644
  • Allows empty and null key types #35016
  • Adds sorting to all columns #35410
  • Shows node name instead of UID in breadcrumbs #35553
  • Removes crosshair synchronization to avoid display bug #33660
  • Switches GQL field from Int to String #33746
  • Links stylesheets with type=text/css #35546
  • Deletes empty stylesheet for status page #35540
  • Enables delete of watch_optimizer_cache_state.json when data folder is outside of Kibana folder #32446
  • Fixes missing flag checks #35187
  • Adds ability to register callback for clean up #35119
  • Fixes import UI to not fail silently when a record other than index-pattern and search is missing #33080
  • Avoids validating saved object migrationVersion in tests where not needed #35010
  • Exclude usage stats when exclude_usage flag is specified #35691
Upgrade Assistant
  • Specifies allow_restricted_indices for _has_privileges #35125
  • Shows different interstitial text when cluster is upgraded #34762
  • Prevents saving the current timezone in visualizations #34795
  • Fixes timepicker problem in Firefox #35279
  • Fixes timepicker quick select #34354
  • Applies timezone correctly to formatted dates and ticks #33831