Test connectorsedit

By using Kibana Management UI you can test a newly created Connector by navigating to the Test tab of Connector Edit flyout or by clicking "Save & test" button on Create flyout:

Rule management page with the errors banner

or by directly opening the proper connector Edit flyout:

Rule management page with the errors banner
Five clauses define the condition to detect

[preview] This functionality is in technical preview and may be changed or removed in a future release. Elastic will work to fix any issues, but features in technical preview are not subject to the support SLA of official GA features. Troubleshooting Connectors with kbn-action tooledit

Executing an Email action via kbn-action. In this example, is using a cloud deployment of the stack:

$ npm -g install pmuellr/kbn-action

$ export KBN_URLBASE=https://elastic:<password>@<cloud-host>.us-east-1.aws.found.io:9243

$ kbn-action ls
        "id": "a692dc89-15b9-4a3c-9e47-9fb6872e49ce",
        "actionTypeId": ".email",
        "name": "gmail",
        "config": {
            "from": "test@gmail.com",
            "host": "smtp.gmail.com",
            "port": 465,
            "secure": true,
            "service": null
        "isPreconfigured": false,
        "referencedByCount": 0

and then execute this:

$ kbn-action execute a692dc89-15b9-4a3c-9e47-9fb6872e49ce '{subject: "hallo", message: "hallo!", to:["test@yahoo.com"]}'
    "status": "ok",
    "data": {
        "accepted": [
        "rejected": [],
        "envelopeTime": 100,
        "messageTime": 955,
        "messageSize": 521,
        "response": "250 2.0.0 OK  1593144408 r5sm8625873qtc.20 - gsmtp",
        "envelope": {
            "from": "test@gmail.com",
            "to": [
        "messageId": "<cf9fec58-600f-64fb-5f66-6e55985b935d@gmail.com>"
    "actionId": "a692dc89-15b9-4a3c-9e47-9fb6872e49ce"