Start or resume reindex APIedit

The underlying Upgrade Assistant concepts are stable, but the APIs for managing Upgrade Assistant are experimental.

Start a new reindex or resume a paused reindex. Following steps are performed during a reindex task:

  1. Setting the index to read-only
  2. Creating a new index
  3. Reindexing documents into the new index
  4. Creating an index alias for the new index
  5. Deleting the old index


POST <kibana host>:<port>/api/upgrade_assistant/reindex/myIndex

Response codeedit

Indicates a successful call.


The API returns the following:

  "indexName": ".ml-state",
  "newIndexName": ".reindexed-v7-ml-state", 
  "status": 0, 
  "lastCompletedStep": 0, 
  "reindexTaskId": null, 
  "reindexTaskPercComplete": null, 
  "errorMessage": null 

The name of the new index.

The reindex status. For more information, refer to Status codes.

The last successfully completed step of the reindex. For more information, refer to Step codes.

The task ID of the reindex task in Elasticsearch. Appears when the reindexing starts.

The progress of the reindexing task in Elasticsearch. Appears in decimal form, from 0 to 1.

The error that caused the reindex to fail, if it failed.