Create short URL APIedit

[preview] This functionality is in technical preview and may be changed or removed in a future release. Elastic will work to fix any issues, but features in technical preview are not subject to the support SLA of official GA features. Create a Kibana short URL. Kibana URLs may be long and cumbersome, short URLs are much easier to remember and share.

Short URLs are created by specifying the locator ID and locator parameters. When a short URL is resolved, the locator ID and locator parameters are used to redirect user to the right Kibana page.


POST <kibana host>:<port>/api/short_url

Request bodyedit

(Required, string) ID of the locator.

(Required, object) Object which contains all necessary parameters for the given locator to resolve to a Kibana location.

When you create a short URL, locator params are not validated, which allows you to pass arbitrary and ill-formed data into the API that can break Kibana. Make sure any data that you send to the API is properly formed.

(Optional, string) A custom short URL slug. Slug is the part of the short URL that identifies it. You can provide a custom slug which consists of latin alphabet letters, numbers and -._ characters. The slug must be at least 3 characters long, but no longer than 255 characters.
(Optional, boolean) When the slug parameter is omitted, the API will generate a random human-readable slug, if humanReadableSlug is set to true.

Response codeedit

Indicates a successful call.


$ curl -X POST api/short_url  -H 'kbn-xsrf: true' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '
  "locatorId": "LOCATOR_ID",
  "params": {},
  "humanReadableSlug": true

The API returns the following:

  "id": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx", 
  "slug": "adjective-adjective-noun", 
  "locator": {
    "id": "LOCATOR_ID",
    "version": "x.x.x", 
    "state": {} 
  "accessCount": 0,
  "accessDate": 1632680100000,
  "createDate": 1632680100000

A random ID is automatically generated.

A random human-readable slug is automatically generated if the humanReadableSlug parameter is set to true. If set to false a random short string is generated.

The version of Kibana when short URL was created is stored.

Locator params provided as params property are stored.