Search sessions settings in Kibanaedit

Configure the search session settings in your kibana.yml configuration file. logo cloud
Set to true (default) to enable search sessions. logo cloud
The frequency for updating the state of a search session. The default is 10s. logo cloud
How many search sessions Kibana processes at once while monitoring session progress. The default is 100. logo cloud
How long Kibana stores search results from unsaved sessions, after the last search in the session completes. The default is 5m. logo cloud
How long a search session can run after a user navigates away without saving a session. The default is 1m. logo cloud
How many retries Kibana can perform while attempting to save a search session. The default is 3. logo cloud
How long search session results are stored before they are deleted. Extending a search session resets the expiration by the same value. The default is 7d.