Kibana Monorepo Packagesedit

Currently Kibana works as a monorepo composed by a core, plugins and packages. The latest are located in a folder called packages and are pieces of software that composes a set of features that can be isolated and reused across the entire repository. They are also supposed to be able to imported just like any other node_module.

Previously we relied solely on @kbn/pm to manage the development tools of those packages, but we are now in the middle of migrating those responsibilities into Bazel. Every package already migrated will contain in its root folder a BUILD.bazel file and other build and watching strategies should be used.

Remember that any time you need to make sure the monorepo is ready to be used just run:

yarn kbn bootstrap

Building Non Bazel Packagesedit

Non Bazel packages can be built independently with

yarn kbn run build -i PACKAGE_NAME

Building Bazel Packagesedit

Bazel packages are built as a whole for now. You can use:

yarn kbn build

Watching Bazel Packagesedit

Bazel packages are watched as a whole for now. You can use:

yarn kbn watch

List of Already Migrated Packages to Bazeledit

  • @elastic/datemath
  • @elastic/eslint-config-kibana
  • @elastic/safer-lodash-set
  • @kbn/ace
  • @kbn/analytics
  • @kbn/apm-config-loader
  • @kbn/apm-utils
  • @kbn/babel-code-parser
  • @kbn/babel-preset
  • @kbn/cli-dev-mode
  • @kbn/config
  • @kbn/config-schema
  • @kbn/crypto
  • @kbn/dev-utils
  • @kbn/docs-utils
  • @kbn/es
  • @kbn/es-archiver
  • @kbn/eslint-import-resolver-kibana
  • @kbn/eslint-plugin-eslint
  • @kbn/expect
  • @kbn/i18n
  • @kbn/interpreter
  • @kbn/io-ts-utils
  • @kbn/legacy-logging
  • @kbn/logging
  • @kbn/mapbox-gl
  • @kbn/monaco
  • @kbn/optimizer
  • @kbn/plugin-helpers
  • @kbn/rule-data-utils
  • @kbn/securitysolution-autocomplete
  • @kbn/securitysolution-es-utils
  • @kbn/securitysolution-hook-utils
  • @kbn/securitysolution-io-ts-alerting-types
  • @kbn/securitysolution-io-ts-list-types
  • @kbn/securitysolution-io-ts-types
  • @kbn/securitysolution-io-ts-utils
  • @kbn/securitysolution-list-api
  • @kbn/securitysolution-list-constants
  • @kbn/securitysolution-list-hooks
  • @kbn/securitysolution-list-utils
  • @kbn/securitysolution-utils
  • @kbn/server-http-tools
  • @kbn/server-route-repository
  • @kbn/spec-to-console
  • @kbn/std
  • @kbn/storybook
  • @kbn/telemetry-utils
  • @kbn/test
  • @kbn/test-subj-selector
  • @kbn/tinymath
  • @kbn/ui-framework
  • @kbn/ui-shared-deps-npm
  • @kbn/ui-shared-deps-src
  • @kbn/utility-types
  • @kbn/utils