Logging configuration via CLIedit

As is the case for any of Kibana’s config settings, you can specify your logging configuration via the CLI. For convenience, the --verbose and --silent flags exist as shortcuts and will continue to be supported beyond v7.

If you wish to override these flags, you can always do so by passing your preferred logging configuration directly to the CLI. For example, if Kibana has the following configuration in the kibana.yml, you can override the log level with CLI arguments, provided the full logging configuration is passed:

      type: console
        type: pattern
        pattern: "[%date][%level] %message"
      appenders: [default, custom]
      level: warn

You can override the flags with:

legacy logging Kibana Platform logging cli shortcuts


--logging.root.level=debug --logging.root.appenders[0]=default --logging.root.appenders[1]=custom



--logging.root.level=error --logging.root.appenders[0]=default --logging.root.appenders[1]=custom

not supported




To preserve backwards compatibility, you are required to pass the root default appender until the legacy logging system is removed in v8.0.