Elasticsearch serviceedit

Elasticsearch service provides elasticsearch.client program API to communicate with Elasticsearch server HTTP API.

The Elasticsearch service is only available server side. You can use the Data plugin.

elasticsearch.client interacts with Elasticsearch service on behalf of:

  • kibana_system user via elasticsearch.client.asInternalUser.* methods.
  • a current end-user via elasticsearch.client.asCurrentUser.* methods. In this case Elasticsearch client should be given the current user credentials. See Scoped services and Security.
import { CoreStart, Plugin } from 'kibana/public';

export class MyPlugin implements Plugin {
  public start(core: CoreStart) {
    async function asyncTask() {
      const result = await core.elasticsearch.client.asInternalUser.ping(…);

For advanced use-cases, such as a search for specific objects, use the Global search plugin.