Development Telemetryedit

To help us provide a good developer experience, we track some straightforward metrics when running certain tasks locally and ship them to a service that we run. To disable this functionality, specify CI_STATS_DISABLED=true in your environment.

The operations we current report timing data for:

  • Total execution time of yarn kbn bootstrap.
  • Total execution time of @kbn/optimizer runs as well as the following metadata about the runs: The number of bundles created, the number of bundles which were cached, usage of --watch, --dist, --workers and --no-cache flags, and the count of themes being built.
  • The time from when you run yarn start until both the Kibana server and @kbn/optimizer are ready for use.
  • The time it takes for the Kibana server to start listening after it is spawned by yarn start.

Along with the execution time of each execution, we ship the following information about your machine to the service: