APM app annotation useredit

By default, the apm_user built-in role provides access to Observability annotations. You only need to create an annotation user if the default annotation index defined in xpack.observability.annotations.index has been customized.

Annotation useredit

View deployment annotations in the APM app.

  1. Create a new role, named something like annotation_user, and assign the following privileges:

    Type Privilege Purpose


    read on {ANNOTATION_INDEX}1

    Read-only access to the observability annotation index


    view_index_metadata on {ANNOTATION_INDEX}1

    Read-only access to observability annotation index metadata

    1 {ANNOTATION_INDEX} should be the index name you’ve defined in xpack.observability.annotations.index.

  2. Assign the annotation_user created previously, and the roles and privileges necessary to create a full or partial APM reader to any users that need to view annotations in the APM app

Annotation APIedit

See Create an API user.