APM settings in Kibanaedit

These settings allow the APM app to function, and specify the data that it surfaces. Unless you’ve customized your setup, you do not need to configure any settings to use the APM app. It is enabled by default.

APM indicesedit

Index defaults can be changed in the APM app. Select Settings > Indices. Index settings in the APM app take precedence over those set in kibana.yml.

APM app settings in Kibana

General APM settingsedit

If you’d like to change any of the default values, copy and paste the relevant settings into your kibana.yml configuration file. Changing these settings may disable features of the APM App.

Set to false to disable the APM app. Defaults to true.
xpack.apm.maxServiceEnvironments logo cloud
Maximum number of unique service environments recognized by the UI. Defaults to 100.
xpack.apm.serviceMapFingerprintBucketSize logo cloud
Maximum number of unique transaction combinations sampled for generating service map focused on a specific service. Defaults to 100.
xpack.apm.serviceMapFingerprintGlobalBucketSize logo cloud
Maximum number of unique transaction combinations sampled for generating the global service map. Defaults to 100.
xpack.apm.ui.enabled logo cloud
Set to false to hide the APM app from the main menu. Defaults to true.
xpack.apm.ui.transactionGroupBucketSize logo cloud
Number of top transaction groups displayed in the APM app. Defaults to 1000.
xpack.apm.ui.maxTraceItems logo cloud
Maximum number of child items displayed when viewing trace details. Defaults to 1000.
xpack.observability.annotations.index logo cloud
Index name where Observability annotations are stored. Defaults to observability-annotations.
xpack.apm.searchAggregatedTransactions logo cloud

[preview] This functionality is in technical preview and may be changed or removed in a future release. Elastic will work to fix any issues, but features in technical preview are not subject to the support SLA of official GA features. Enables Transaction histogram metrics. Defaults to auto so the UI will use metric indices over transaction indices for transactions if aggregated transactions are found. When set to always, additional configuration in APM Server is required. When set to never and aggregated transactions are not used.

See Configure transaction metrics for more information.

apm_oss.indexPattern logo cloud

The index pattern used for integrations with Machine Learning and Query Bar.

It must match all apm indices. Defaults to apm-*.

apm_oss.errorIndices logo cloud
Matcher for all error indices. Defaults to apm-*.
Matcher for all onboarding indices. Defaults to apm-*.
apm_oss.spanIndices logo cloud
Matcher for all span indices. Defaults to apm-*.
apm_oss.transactionIndices logo cloud
Matcher for all transaction indices. Defaults to apm-*.
Matcher for all metrics indices. Defaults to apm-*.
Matcher for all source map indices. Defaults to apm-*.