Kibana 7.10.1edit

For detailed information about the 7.10.1 release, review the following enhancements and bug fixes.

For the breaking changes, refer to the breaking changes in 7.10.


Machine Learning
  • Adds unsigned_long support to data frame analytics and anomaly detection #82636
  • Fixes a bug causing searching for saved objects using special characters such as * or - to not return any results #82693

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes missing #84269
  • Page load chart breakdown tooltip formatting #83627
  • Fixes elements not being updated properly when filter is changed on workpad #81863
  • Fixes an issue when exporting a Saved Search visualization, inside of a dashboard,ß to CSV was returning blank rows #81524
  • Fixes double fetching of saved search embeddable #84060
Ingest Management
  • Fixes error with creating agent policy during add integration #83993
  • Disallows dashes in namespace strings #83996
  • Adds config options to accepted docker env vars #84338
Lens and visualizations
  • Reloads on change via history object #81753
  • Fixes underlying data drilldown for Lens #82737
  • Fixes bug in terms formatting #82776
  • Do not reset filter state on incoming app navigation #83786
  • Vis listing page breaks on unknown vis type #82018
  • Fixes area rendering with negative values #83313
  • Vertical cursor is not displayed across visualizations of a dashboard #83435
  • Y-axis has number formatting not considering all series formatters in the group #83438
  • Fixes tagcloud explicitly pass params #84107
  • Fixes timelion not working with single quotes #84196
Machine Learning
  • Fixes setting of anomaly chart time range depending on bucket spans #81291
  • Fixes formatting of fields in index data visualizer #82593
  • Fixes anomaly detection validation when using advanced properties in the analysis config #82703
  • Fixes Anomaly Explorer population charts when multiple causes in anomaly #84254
  • Fixes swim lane for top influencers #84258
  • Fixes unnecessary trigger of wildcard field type search for machine learning plugin routes #84605
  • Fixes a bug causing Kibana to crash when importing a file with an invalid format from the saved object management section #82406
  • Fixes threshold alert issue resolving nested fields #83577
  • Adds timerange and sorting to node detail metadata request #81033
  • Converts legend key to optional #83495
  • Optimizations for Snapshot and Inventory Metadata #83596
  • Adds catch clause to handle exceptions on loading page #82179
  • Fixes the plugins passed into legacy routes #82192
  • Fixes small issue with detecting missing monitoring data from APM #83646
  • Only looks at ES for the missing data alert for now #83839
  • Fixes rison error #83987
  • Fixes issues with show_license_expiration #84361
  • Adjusts encoding for security management pages #83629
  • Fixes "Severity override" dropdowns in "Create new rule" → "About rule" #82271
  • Embeddable Error Handling Without ReplacePanel #82201
  • Page load chart breakdown tooltip formatting #83627