Kibana 7.0.0-alpha2edit

Breaking changesedit

For more details about breaking changes in this release, see Breaking changes in 7.0.


  • Canvas now has a template tab in the workpad manager where users can find workpad templates, demos, and tutorials to help them get started. See #23966 for more information.
Kibana App
  • Visualizations in Kibana will use a new data pipeline introduced as part of Canvas. The change does not yet apply to Vega, Timelion, or Time Series Visual Builder (TSVB). See #25711 for more information.
Index Lifecyle Management
  • Implements a user interface to create, update, edit, or delete index lifecyle policies. See #25553 for more information.


  • Implements a clipboard and stores the copied elements in localStorage #25890
  • Adds the ability to reuse assets without editing an element’s expression #25764
  • Adds the clear function #26397
  • Adds workpad-level CSS #24143
  • Adds href option in addition to onClick for navigational links #25233
  • Updates logos for marketing #25489
  • Adds Kibana 7.0 breadcrumbs to home screen #26605
  • Moves elastic/eui typings to single file #23950
Kibana App
  • Maps inspector requests by id so single requests can be reset at a time #26770
  • Adds ODBC to blurb for start trail #27223
  • Adds Request timestamp to request inspector stats #25667
  • Adds "Reload indices" button to Index Management #27033
Machine Learning
  • Adds the configuration files for two new auditbeat data recognizer modules for detecting unusual processes on hosts and Docker containers #25716
  • Adds support for saved searches created using Kuery to the job wizards #26094
  • Allows users to enter their own query in the Discover page; stops passing the query from the job datafeed config in custom URLs #26957
  • Rewrites Calendar to React/EUI #26741
  • Converts Setting page to React/EUI #27144
  • Ensures loading indicator is present on initial jobs load #27151
  • Prevents a new calendar save if a calendar with that id already exists #27104
  • Adds a new plugin for Uptime Monitoring #25480
  • Adds rest_total_hits_as_int to all requests in platform code that eventually look up #26432
  • Adds dist flag to the configuration context #26545
  • Prepares @kbn/datemath to be republished as @elastic/datemath #26559
  • Wraps remote methods in browser service #26394
  • Uses stream.pipeline to manage error handling #27246
Querying & Filtering
  • Moves the buildESQuery module (including filters and Kuery) into a separate package #23345
  • Adds comment explaining why getComputedFields adds a docvalue to docvalue_fields for each date field in an index pattern. #25725
  • Moves filtering functions out of #25280
  • Adds browser type to the reporting side panel #26307
  • Adds better logging for waitForSelector failure #25762
  • Enhances error messaging and handling #26299
  • Adds "Info" button in the Reporting listing #25421
  • Adds support for rolling up metrics of date fields #26450
  • Updates the GET /api/security/role endpoint to return the list of roles sorted by name, rather than creation date #26491
  • Updates the Account Settings screen to show the change password form only when a password change is possible for the authentication realm #26779
  • Makes space selector a button #26889
  • Removes experimental flag from Visual Builder (TSVB) #25634
  • Implements new visualization type selection #23833
  • Removes lab stage for visualizations, making experimental the only non-production stage available #25702

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes page preview size issue #26795
  • Fixes visual bug when opening the workpad loader #26647
  • Fixes page thumbnail sizes #26573
  • Decreases size of tray toggle #25470
  • Makes selection border 1px #26739
  • Fixes interpreter socket error #26870
  • Resolves URL dynamically when requesting EMS data #25685
  • Fixes EMS hotlink #26868
Infrastructure UI
  • Fixes potential color bugs #26292
  • Fixes auto refresh button on node detail page #26426
  • Changes the time range from the last hour to the last 5 minutes for the Waffle Map #26278
  • Passes flag in request to force BWC hit count #26517
  • Replaces redux source slice with constate container #26121
  • Changes node detail link to set time range to 1 hour #26977
  • Stops showing sidenav while loading. #27119
  • Fixes styling after breaking EUI changes #27021
  • Fixes graphql type generation after package upgrades #26991
  • Removes usage of ts-optchain in the browser #27148
Kibana App
  • Fixes support for React 16.4+ by only resetting state if adaptors are updated #26138
  • Fixes scrolling list on Firefox #26246
  • Guards against empty and undefined index pattern arrays passed to QueryBar #24607
  • Removes unused indexPattern from vega/tsvb/timelion request handler #26007
  • Passes global filters from editor down to visualize #26009
  • Stops using schemas in aggconfigs to output DSL #26010
  • Fixes kbn-interpreter package to not import from UI #26161
  • Fixes OSS dynamic plugin loading by reverting to Canvas way of loading plugins #26463
  • Fixes other bucket option to correctly apply without having to change other settings #26874
  • Adds en as a valid numeral locale setting #25948
  • Adds rest_total_hits_as_int into Kibana App #26404
  • Uses Canvas pipeline to fetch data inside Visualize #25996
  • Fixes index pattern wizard when there are remote clusters but no local indices #24339
  • Uses new _graph endpoints #26956
  • Adjusts spacing of Management navigation items #25666
  • Updates "Disenroll" text to be consistent with menu option "Unenroll" #26816
  • Fixes broken breadcrumb link for index management #27164
  • Fixes issue with multiple execution in Console #26933
  • Reloads full index list when reload hits missing index #27197
Machine Learning
  • Allows user to add/edit/delete annotations in the Single Series Viewer #26034
  • Does not pass datafeed query to Discover in custom URL #26957
  • Fixes word break in Anomalies and Jobs tables #26978
  • Fixes alignment of filter icons in the Anomalies table #26253
  • Fixes error handling for local stats collection/permissions #26560
  • Removes initial delay to check and send Telemetry data #26575
  • Pulls local Kibana usage stats #26496
  • Converts the Elasticsearch monitoring UIs to using EUI tables and page layout #26217
Platform & Operations
  • Decreases start limit and interval #25474
  • Adds --download flag to snapshot command to warm the cache #25830
  • Implements --prefer-offline flag #25840
  • Fixes watcher routes broken by Hapi upgrade #26713
  • Fixes non-conforming licenses on devDependencies and adds the ability to whitelist devOnly licenses #23859
  • Watches optimizer cache invalidation #24172
  • Adds normalizePath in order to fix watch optimizer when running on Windows #26486
  • Creates vendor dll for the client modules #22618
  • Upgrades to NodeJS 10 #25157
  • Improves plugin version mismatch error message #25774
  • Improves build/packaging #26096
  • Swaps jstimezonedetect with #21800
  • Upgrades resize-observer-polyfill version #26990
  • Fixes saved objects client _processBatchQueue function to handle errors #26763
  • Changes kbn pm webpack config to generate dist files in mode=none #26847
  • Hides logs from deleteAll on task: clean client modules into dll #26884
  • Upgrades resize-observer-polyfill version #26990
  • Uses single-node discovery type for the test ES node/cluster #27125
  • Moves moment to peerDependency in elastic-datemath #27264
  • Deletes sortOrder once items have been sorted and does not pass to EuiContextMenuItem in the share context menu #26890
  • Fixes a regression bug in detection of Error and Warning toast notifications #25482
  • Stops passing an empty formatConfig to the fieldFormats helper #27168
  • Shows loading state in Rollup Job detail panel. #25752
  • Specifies Rollup Jobs breadcrumbs in header. #26590
  • Requires histogram interval in Rollup Job wizard to be a whole number. #26596
  • Moves the server-side SavedObjectClient types from the spaces plugin to the same location as the corresponding JavaScript source files #26448
  • Respects the basePath for the link to the user profile in the k7 header #26417
  • Fixes prettier throw rule error #26071
  • Fixes authentication logic to fail out of auth flow on first provider failure #26648
  • Fixes issues with the being null in Node 10 #26992
  • Fixes DLS query toggle on the role management page #27213
  • Fixes filter function on pie chart segment #26321
  • Rewrites URL when closing vis type selection modal #26327
  • Changes unbind calls from .on to .off #24575
  • Fixes date field in controls visualization by generating labels with the field formatter #25654
  • Replaces LESS files with Sass in ui/public/vis, visLib, and visualize #25333
  • Replaces LESS files with Sass for the visualization types in core_plugin/metrics #24250
  • Moves timeout to _msearch body to fix time series visual builder requests #26510
  • Adds description for all visualization types #26243