Kibana 6.6.2edit

See breaking changes for the changes to be aware of when migrating your application from one version of Kibana to another.

Bug fixesedit

  • Avoids crashing the transaction details page if trace duration is 0 #31799
  • Provides a valid axisconfig position default #32335
Kibana App
  • Removes the use of s regex flag in Kibana query language #31292
  • Fixes vislib legend filters #29592
Machine Learning
  • Sets default number of shards to 1 when creating a new index for File data visualizer #31567
  • Adds missing error handling to annotations request #32384
  • Fixes bug where rollup job search would display an empty prompt if no jobs matched the search #31642
  • Ensures that bulk uploader only starts once #31307
  • Addresses some UI regressions with shard allocation #29757
  • Bumps Node to 10.15.2 #32200
  • Formats Time Series Visual Builder error message #31569