Kibana 6.6.0edit

Breaking Changesedit

  • Upgrades Hapi in legacy platform to v17 #21707

Known issuesedit


A known issue prevents Canvas from loading outside of the default space. #27262

This issue will be fixed in a future bug fix release. #29393


A known issue prevents filtering on legend items in area, bar, and line charts. #28176

This issue will be fixed in a future bug fix release. #29592

Plugin settings

Kibana may not start when using deprecated plugin settings in kibana.yml

The server will log an error and the new configuration value. Updating kibana.yml with the new configuration will allow the server to start.


  • Deprecates tribe settings in 6.x #25548

Plugin API Changesedit

See Kibana plugin API changes in 6.6.


6.6.0 includes the following highlights:

  • Index Lifecycle Management
  • Remote Clusters and Cross Cluster Replication
  • Upgrade Assistant for Elasticsearch 7.0

For more information, see 6.6.0 Release Highlights.


  • Implements a clipboard with simple copy/cut/paste for elements only that stores in local storage #25890
  • Adds the ability to reuse assets without editing an element’s expression. #25764
  • Adds a template tab to the workpad manager where users can find workpad templates, demos, and tutorials #23966
  • Renames cloned templates #28708
  • Adds persistent grouping and ungrouping #25854
  • Improves message for maximum zoom level #26267
Machine Learning
  • Adds checkbox to enable model plot in Advanced job wizard #25468
  • Adds auditbeat process data recognizer modules #25716
  • Adds support for Kuery to job wizards #26094
  • Does not pass datafeed query to Discover in custom URL #26957
  • Adds created_by meta data to the mapping of indexes from file data visualizer imports #27303
  • Allows users to add/edit/delete annotations in the Single Series Viewer #26034
  • Allows model plot enablement via checkbox in the MultiMetric and Population job creation wizards #24914
  • Prevents a new calendar save if that ID already exists #27104
  • Converts Settings page to React #27144
  • Displays a ordinal y axis for low cardinality rare charts. #24852
  • Adds ignore_failure to ingest common auto complete in Console #24915
  • Adds timestamp to inspector request stats #25667
  • Support date fields in Metrics step for rollup data #26450
  • Implements a CRUD UI for index lifecycle management policies #25553
  • Adds Overview and Monitor pages for Uptime Monitoring #27279
  • Adds support for multiple Elasticsearch nodes and sniffing #21928
  • Upgrades to NodeJS 10 #25157
  • Optimizes with thread loader and terser #27014
  • Creates vendor DLL for the client modules #22618
  • Migrates to new design system for breadcrumbs #25914
  • Moves Canvas interpreter to OSS #25711
  • Adds en as a valid locale to the settings #25948
  • Add png output to reports #24759
  • Updates User Management to sort the list of roles by name #26491
  • Adds “Successfully logged out” message #23890
  • Resolves issue with the link to the user profile in the K7 header not respecting the basePath #26417
  • Adds index privileges for Index Lifecycle Management #27461
  • Makes space selector a button #26889
  • Removes experimental status flag from Visual Builder #25634
  • Adds setting to enable frozen index search #27297

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes linking between errors and transactions, and link from errors to Discover #28477
  • Updates APM index pattern #27075
  • Updates index pattern to add ECS fields & aliases #27434
  • Adds support for microseconds #24974
  • Passes constants to _.get instead of simple strings #25177
  • Switches to ‘render’ prop in history tabs component to avoid unnecessary mount cycles #28389
  • Removes entries for APM aliases #28849
  • Fixes minor visual bug when opening workpad loader #26647
  • Adds clear function #26397
  • Fixes page thumbnail sizes #26573
  • Fixes tag registry #27423
  • Fixes PropType error in toggle arg #27514
  • Fixes page manager for workpads without style property #27556
  • Adds custom font size to list of sizes options #27785
  • Ignores mouse movement over popovers and sidebars #27818
  • Fixes time filter component #27532
  • Fixes error handling of NetworkErrors #28282
  • Fixes error handling in the case of failure when creating a workpad via the API #28129
  • Fixes clipboard paste error #28781
  • Fixes SQL issues in sample data #27161
  • Minifies assets in production and generates stats on demand #28391
  • Fixes socket and thread memory leaks #26984
  • Fixes build to include dependencies #27858
  • Makes timelion a browser function #27944
  • Fixes immediate delete after an element resize #27767
  • Fixes time filter calendar bounce #24913
  • Decreases size of tray toggle #25470
  • Adds workpad-level CSS #24143
  • Allows timelion data source to use configured certificateAuthorities #26809
  • Fixes interpreter socket error #26870
  • Adds filtering so that only files are returned when loading get_plugin_paths #27638
  • Moves state out of kbn-interpreter #27317
  • Adds new specs for security endpoints without _xpack prefix #27057
  • Fixes missing escape field name in history list directive #27112
  • Resolves URL dynamically when requesting EMS data #25685
  • Fixes EMS hotlink #26868
  • Fixes TMS without EMS access #28111
  • Removes fetch ‘finally’ block to fix map loading error #28306
  • Ensures reporting works with unsaturated baselayers #28185
  • Fixes potential color bugs #26292
  • Changes time range for waffle map from last hour to last 5m #26278
  • Fixes AutoRefresh button on node detail page #26426
  • Changes node detail link to set time range to 1 hour #26977
  • Updates links for containers to use ID instead of name #27088
  • Adds linking support for APM #27319
  • Fails out of auth flow on first provider failure #26648
  • Preserves time values when navigating from the waffle map to the logs and details pages #24666
  • Removes duplicate text in detail page title #25283
  • Moves SavedObjectClient types alongside JavaScript source files #26448
  • Passes flag in request to force BWC hit count #26517
  • Replaces redux source slice with constate container #26121
  • Fixes styling after breaking EUI changes #27021
  • Fixes graphql type generation after package upgrades #26991
  • Removes usage of ts-optchain in the browser #27148
  • Refactors "capabilites" to "metadata" in GraphQL #25580
  • Hides sidenav while loading #27119
Kibana App
  • Fixes wildcard queries against the default field #24778
  • Adds raw data to split column #26321
  • Fixes dashboard to refresh visualizations when the refresh button is clicked #27353
  • Removes _remote/info query to fix remote clusters error message when creating an index pattern #27345
  • Adds description for visualisation types #26243
  • Moves timeout to request body in TSVB requests #26510
  • Add rest_total_hits_as_int into Kibana App #26404
  • Fixes issue with filtering _other_ aggregation buckets in inspector. #26794
  • Fixes scrolling list on Firefox #26246
  • Adds workaround for getDerivedStateFromProps change in React 16.4 #25142
Machine Learning
  • Adds useful error on invalid query in Job List search bar #25153
  • Adds user privilege check to Jobs List group selector control #25225
  • Ensures loading indicator is present on initial jobs load #27151
  • Ensures loading message is present on jobs load #27316
  • Ensures correct permissions are applied to Settings Calendars/Filter Lists #27346
  • Converts to EuiSuperSelect component for the Create Watch severity control in Job wizard #27272
  • Ensures that content in Jobs list start datafeed time range selector does not overflow modal #27438
  • Fixes sort on Calendars list events column so that it is done numerically #27517
  • Fixes import modal flex items so that they don’t overflow in IE11 #27529
  • Fixes missing permission callout in jobs list datafeed preview for machine_learning_user #27545
  • Fixes FileViz new ML Job link shown without canCreateJob permission #27612
  • Fixes the File Data Visualizer file size check, and formats the values displayed in error message as bytes #25295
  • Fixes the layout of the cards in the Data Visualizer on IE #25383
  • Fixes alignment of filter icons in anomalies table #26253
  • Fixes word break in anomalies and jobs tables #26978
  • Fixes job list page index when deleting jobs off last page #27481
  • Fixes the calculation used to set the width of the margin for the y-axis labels of the chart in the Single Metric job wizard #27521
  • Adds a check if the current user can clone a job #27496
  • Fixes the trigger for watch creation in the advanced job wizard. #27594
  • Fixes missing job list error icon #27575
  • Retains model memory limit when cloning job #27670
  • Fixes job validation message typo #25130
  • Removes deprecated angularjs based jobs list and related code #25216
  • Fixes rollup data job wizard #27413
  • Fixes Index Management not loading when ILM enricher errors out #28108
  • Fixes Index Management enricher response variable #28404
  • Reverts styles to fix watcher popups #28266
  • Fixes index pattern wizard in case when there are remote clusters but no local indices #24339
  • Adds WatchErrors to capture invalid watches #23887
  • Notifies user when multiple auto-follow patterns try to replicate the same data #27783
  • Fixes issue with multiple execution in Console #26933
  • Fixes validation issues with editing an index lifecycle policy #27045
  • Adds reload button to index management #27033
  • Returns wrapped unknown errors from rollup API. #25032
  • Adjusts spacing of Management nav items so they’re easier to differentiate when they contain wrapped lines #25666
  • Shows loading state in Rollup Job detail panel. #25752
  • Specifies Rollup Jobs breadcrumbs in header #26590
  • Requires histogram interval in Rollup Job wizard to be a whole number #26596
  • Adds informational callout in index lifecycle management when step_info message is present #27046
  • Fixes broken breadcrumb link for index management #27164
  • Fixes issues with index lifecycle summary and includes minor changes to the Index lifecycle management UI #27153
  • Adds ODBC blurb to Start trial UI #27223
  • Reloads full index list in index lifecycle management when reload hits missing index #27197
  • Adds loading spinner for index management table #27204
  • Fixes logic for when license error shows #27326
  • Update Disenroll text to be consistent with menu option Unenroll #26816
  • Puts template index before any ES write operation to prevent risk of startup errors in Beats Central Management #28955
  • Renames Monitoring FormattedMessage to FormattedAlert #24197
  • Uses the cluster name from metadata if it exists #24495
  • Converts the monitoring plugin to use EUI tables #27064
  • Stops a new request when one is inflight #27253
  • Updates additional Logstash pages to EUI #27258
  • Resolves some Logstash UI regressions #27530
  • Ensures all monitoring charts respond to onBrush #28098
  • Fixes error handling for local stats collection/permissions #26560
  • Removes initial delay to check and send #26575
  • Pulls local Kibana usage stats #26496
  • Modifies settings to start limit and interval #25474
  • Transforms plugin deprecations before checking for unused settings #21294
  • Establishes pattern for typing legacy plugins #26045
  • Upgrades resize-observer-polyfill version #26990
  • Fixes saved objects client _processBatchQueue function to handle errors #26763
  • Adds reference to es script in Kibana #25607
  • Adds ability to get included/excluded test counts #25760
  • Wraps remote in browser service #26394
  • Implements k7Breadcrumbs in Kibana mangement routes #26503
  • Prepares @kbn/datemath for publishing #26559
  • Adds dist flag to config context #26545
  • Moves moment to peerDependency in elastic-datemath #27264
  • Deletes all objects but the default space #27412
  • Changes the way a routing module is imported from the init function #26494
  • Adds jsxa11y into eslint rules #23932
Querying & Filtering
  • Moves buildEsQuery to a separate package #23345
  • Adds comment about docvalue for each date fields in getComputedFields #25725
  • Moves filtering functions out of #25280
  • Adds in browser info to the report-info drawer #26307
  • Adds sort order to share menu options. #25058
  • Adds logging for waitForSelector failure #25762
  • Enhances error messaging and handling #26299
  • Uses data-test-subj on toast to check for failure #25482
  • Adds Info button in Reporting listing #25421
  • Shows change password form only when a password change is possible #26779
  • Fixes issues with the being null in Node 10 #26992
  • Fixes prettier throw rule error #26071
  • Fixes duplicate space name on the space selector screen #27906
  • Adds context to spaces grid action buttons #27911
  • Implements new visualization type selection modal #23833
  • Ensures extra columns are not shown in a table visualization when showPartialRows:true #25690
  • Reverts settings.html to fix Graph display #26008
  • Defaults the scroll zoom capability of Vega Maps to false #21169
  • Fixes TSVB number/percentage format #27704
  • Enables TSVB series opacity #27956
  • Fixes error in Visual Builder markdown rendering on dashboard #27835
  • Fixes fatal error in Visual Builder using annotations #27780
  • Fixes Visual Builder color rules on multiple gauges #27810
  • Adds support for using Kuery/KQL without passing an index pattern object #28010
  • Fixes date labels to show in milliseconds after dates selection #25654
  • Removes lab stage for visualizations #25702
  • Rewrites URL when closing the visualization type selection modal #26327
  • Fixes incorrect calls from .on to .off in TSVB #24575
  • Guards against empty and undefined index pattern arrays passed to QueryBar #24607
  • Maps inspector requests by ID so that single requests can be reset at a time #26770
  • Updates ecommerce index pattern fields to have the same type as Elasticsearch mappings #27549
  • Removes dashboardContext #23227
  • Removes indexPattern from vega/tsvb/timelion request handler #26007
  • Passes global filters from editor #26009
  • Enables visualisations in a dashboard to be opened in a new tab #25233
  • Fixes other bucket option to correctly apply without having to change other settings #26874
  • Stops using schemas in aggconfigs to output dsl #26010.
  • Fixes Timelion props function #28834