"pulldowns": [

Pulldowns are a special type of panel. Rather, they’re a special place you can put panels. The panels in the pulldown section work just like panels in a row except they don’t get a span, they’re all full width. Also panels in pulldowns are not movable or editable by the user. They’re great for panels that take input. the pulldown property is an array that contains panel objects. For documentation for specific panels see Kibana Panels

      "type": "query",
      "collapse": false,
      "notice": false,
      "enable": true,
      "query": "*",
      "pinned": true,
      "history": [
        "play_name:\"Romeo and Juliet\"",
        "playname:\"Romeo and Juliet\"",
      "remember": 10
      "type": "filtering",
      "collapse": false,
      "notice": true,
      "enable": true

Pulldown panels have 2 options that traditional row based panels do not have:

  • Collapse: Set to true or false, this describes whether the panel is collapsed or expanded.
  • Notice: This property can be set by the panel and controls a small star icon in the pulldown tab’s title. It is usually used to notify the user that something has changed in the panel.