Elastic Agent to Logstash to Elasticsearch: Logstash as a proxyedit

Image showing Elastic Agents collecting data and sending to Logstash for proxying before sending on to Elasticsearch
Ingest model
Data path: Elastic Agent to Logstash as bridge to Elasticsearch on Elastic Stack network
Control path: Elastic Agent to Fleet Server to Elasticsearch
Use when
Agents have network restrictions for connecting to Elasticsearch on Elastic Stack deployed outside of the agent network
You can send data from multiple Elastic Agents through your demilitarized zone (DMZ) to Logstash, and then use Logstash as a proxy through your firewall to Elasticsearch Service. This approach helps reduce the number of firewall exceptions needed to forward data from large numbers of Elastic Agents.


Info on configuring Elastic Agent:

Info on Logstash and Logstash plugins:

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