Elastic Agent to Elasticsearch: Agent installededit

Image showing Elastic Agent collecting data and sending to Elasticsearch
Ingest model
Control path: Elastic Agent to Fleet to Elasticsearch
Data path: Elastic Agent to Elasticsearch
Use when
An Elastic Agent integration exists in the Kibana integrations UI for the software you want to monitor, observe, and protect.
  • System integration that collects metrics and logs from operating systems
  • Kubernetes integration that collects metrics and logs from Kubernetes master and worker nodes, and from workloads running on worker node pods

Process overviewedit

  • Find the integration for your data source. In Kibana, go to Management> Integrations.
  • Enable the integration and set up Elastic Agent.
  • Launch discover/dashboard to explore.

For details and next steps, check out the Elastic Agent integrations docs for your data source.