Elastic Agentsedit

To learn how to add Elastic Agents to Fleet, see Install Fleet-managed Elastic Agents.

To manage your Elastic Agents, go to Management > Fleet > Agents in Kibana. On the Agents tab, you can perform the following actions:

User action Result

Unenroll Elastic Agents

Unenroll Elastic Agents from Fleet.

Set inactivity timeout

Set inactivity timeout to move Elastic Agents to inactive status after being offline for the set amount of time.

Upgrade Elastic Agents

Upgrade Elastic Agents to the latest version.

Migrate Elastic Agents

Migrate Elastic Agents from one cluster to another.

Monitor Elastic Agents

Monitor Fleet-managed Elastic Agents by viewing agent status, logs, and metrics.

Add tags to filter the Agents list

Add tags to Elastic Agent, then use the tags to filter the Agents list in Fleet.