Centrally manage Elastic Agents in Fleet


Centrally manage Elastic Agents in Fleetedit

Fleet currently requires a Kibana user with All privileges on Fleet and Integrations. Since many Integrations assets are shared across spaces, users need the Kibana privileges in all spaces. Refer to Required roles and privileges to learn how to create a user role with the required privileges to access Fleet and Integrations.

To learn how to add Elastic Agents to Fleet, refer to Install Fleet-managed Elastic Agents.

To use Fleet go to Management > Fleet in Kibana. The following table describes the main management actions you can perform in Fleet:

Component Management actions

Fleet settings

Configure global settings available to all Elastic Agents managed by Fleet, including Fleet Server hosts and output settings.

Elastic Agents

Enroll, unenroll, upgrade, add tags, and view Elastic Agent status and logs.


Create and edit agent policies and add integrations to them.

Fleet enrollment tokens

Create and revoke enrollment tokens.

Uninstall tokens

(Elastic Defend integration only) Access tokens to allow uninstalling Elastic Agent from endpoints with Agent tamper protection enabled.

Data streams

View data streams and navigate to dashboards to analyze your data.