Fleet and Elastic Agent restrictions for Elastic Cloud serverlessedit

Elastic Agentedit

If you are using Elastic Agent with Elastic Cloud serverless, note these differences from use with Elasticsearch Service and self-managed Elasticsearch:

  • The number of Elastic Agents that may be connected to an Elastic Cloud serverless project is limited to 10 thousand.
  • The minimum supported version of Elastic Agent supported for use with Elastic Cloud serverless is 8.11.0.


  • On serverless, you can configure new Elasticsearch outputs to use a proxy, with the restriction that the output URL is fixed. Any new Elasticsearch outputs must use the default Elasticsearch host URL.


The path to get to the Fleet application in Kibana differs across projects:

  • In Elasticsearch Service deployments, navigate to Management > Fleet.
  • In serverless Observability projects, navigate to Project settings > Fleet.
  • In serverless Security projects, navigate to Assets > Fleet.

Fleet Serveredit

Note the following restrictions with using Fleet Server on serverless:

  • On-premises Fleet Server is not currently available for use in a serverless environment. We recommend using the hosted Fleet Server that is included and configured automatically in serverless Observability and Security projects.
  • On serverless, you can configure Fleet Server to use a proxy, with the restriction that the Fleet Server host URL is fixed. Any new Fleet Server hosts must use the default Fleet Server host URL.