Install Elastic Agentsedit

You can install only a single Elastic Agent per host. Due to the fact that the Elastic Agent may read data sources that are only accessible by a superuser, Elastic Agent will therefore also need to be executed with superuser permissions.

You might need to log in as a root user (or Administrator on Windows) to run the commands described here. After the Elastic Agent service is installed and running, make sure you run these commands without prepending them with ./ to avoid invoking the wrong binary.

You have a few options for installing and managing an Elastic Agent:

Minimum Requirementsedit

Minimum requirements have been determined by running the Elastic Agent (v8.0.0) on a GCP e2-micro instance (2vCPU/1GB). The Elastic Agent used the default policy, running the system integration and self-monitoring.


Under 2% total, including all monitoring processes


640 MB

RSS Mem Size

300 MB

Adding integrations will increase the memory used by the agent and its processes.