Upgrade standalone Elastic Agentsedit

Running Elastic Agent in standalone mode is an advanced use case. The documentation is incomplete and not yet mature. When possible, we recommend using Fleet-managed agents instead of standalone mode.

To upgrade a standalone agent running on an edge node:

  1. Make sure the elastic-agent service is running.
  2. From the directory where Elastic Agent is installed, run the upgrade command to upgrade to a new version. Not sure where the agent is installed? Refer to Installation layout.

    For example, on macOS, to upgrade the agent from version 7.10.0 to 7.10.1, you would run:

    cd /Library/Elastic/Agent/
    sudo elastic-agent upgrade 7.10.1

This command upgrades the binary. Your agent policy should continue to work, but you might need to upgrade it to use new features and capabilities.

For more command-line options, see the help for the upgrade command.