Workplace Search connectorsedit

Elastic Workplace Search provides connectors that sync data to content sources. A content source is an abstraction for working with an Elasticsearch index. You can also sync to content sources using connector packages—Ruby and Python packages you can modify and run on your own infrastructure.

Because Workplace Search tools are abstractions, they are designed to work well with other Workplace Search tools. Traditionally, Workplace Search connectors sync data to Workplace Search content sources, and you search those content sources using a search UI specific to Workplace Search.

However, you can now use additional Elastic tools with your Workplace Search documents. For example, you can search Workplace Search content sources using Elastic Search UI and its Workplace Search connector.

You can also access the Elasticsearch index underlying any Workplace Search content source. Using this technique, you can search and manage your Workplace Search documents using tools designed for Elasticsearch indices in addition to the tools designed for Workplace Search content sources.

Available connectorsedit

Availability and prerequisitesedit

Workplace Search connectors were introduced in Elastic version 7.5.0.

While most Workplace Search connectors are generally available, some connectors may be available in beta or technical preview. Refer to the documentation for each connector.

Usage and troubleshootingedit

Refer to the Workplace Search documentation:

And the Search UI documentation (to use Search UI with Workplace Search):