8.8.1 release notesedit

Upgrading to Enterprise Search 8.8.1? See Upgrading and migrating.

Bug fixesedit

  • Addressed a change to Zendesk’s OAuth API which prevented new Workplace Search connections to Zendesk, and eventually broke existing connections.
  • Fixed a MongoDB connector issue preventing it from running on ARM architecture when using mongodb+srv protocol.

Known issuesedit

  • Users are not able to complete the configuration of the Postgres connector client because the UI throws a Connector has missing configuration fields: username error even when a username is specified. To workaround this issue, backup the .elastic-connectors index and execute the following request from Kibana’s Dev Tools:
POST .elastic-connectors/_update_by_query
    "script" : """
      def value = ctx._source.configuration.user;
      ctx._source.configuration.username = value;
    "query" : {
        "term": { "service_type": "postgresql" }