8.2.0 release notes


8.2.0 release notesedit

Upgrading to Enterprise Search 8.2.0? See Upgrading and migrating.

New featuresedit

  • Create App Search engines based on an existing Elasticsearch index using the Engines API (technical preview).
  • Query App Search engines using an Elasticsearch query with the new Elasticsearch query passthrough API (technical preview).
  • View the underlying Elasticsearch query that App Search would use when performing a search. See the new search_explain API (technical preview).
  • Audit usage of Enterprise Search with the new audit logging feature.
  • The login_assistance_message configuration setting has been removed. This setting applied to the Enterprise Search standalone UI, which was removed in version 8.0.0.
  • debug level logging now reports file download attempts and successes for content extraction and thumbnailing.
  • Use the SharePoint Online connector package (beta) to deploy and run a SharePoint Online connector on your own infrastructure.
  • Use the Enterprise Search SharePoint Server connector package (General availability) to deploy and run a SharePoint Server connector on your own infrastructure.
  • Use the Elastic Enterprise Search network drives connector package (beta) to deploy and run a network drive connector on your own infrastructure.
  • Configure partial crawls in the App Search web crawler UI.
  • Manage indexing rules in the Workplace Search UI.
  • Set up one-click monitoring for your Enterprise Search deployment on Elastic Cloud.
  • The Enterprise Search API now allows the request-time option to opt-out of analytics.
  • Meta Engines are now available for Basic subscriptions.

Bug fixesedit

  • The Confluence Cloud connector and Jira Cloud connector were updated to restore full compatibility with these Atlassian services. Enterprise Search versions 8.1.2 and 8.1.1 are incompatible due to a series of Atlassian API changes.
  • Fixed migration problem when upgrading from 7.12 to 7.17 and then to 8.0.
  • Adaptive Relevance suggestions are created correctly for Meta Engines.

Known issuesedit

  • App Search users with dev and editor roles do not have access to the web crawler.