8.11.2 release notes


8.11.2 release notesedit

Security updatesedit

Bug fixesedit

  • Addressed a bug where full syncs would not fully resync data as expected. This caused friction when upgrading, making customized code changes, or modifying ingest pipelines. The fix may result in increased full sync times, as more documents may now be downloaded and indexed.

    • Refer to this pull request if you want to revert this change on your own fork.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sharepoint Online connector might sometimes fail syncs when DLS was enabled due to a batching error.
  • Fixed a bug where MongoDB records containing BSON DBRef fields could not be indexed to Elasticsearch and caused sync failures.
  • Fixed an issue where the Github Connector might receive 4xx errors during the sync, and fail without a helpful error message or log.

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