8.1.0 release notesedit

Upgrading to Enterprise Search 8.1.0? See Upgrading and migrating.

New featuresedit

  • The latest enhancements to the Elastic App Search web crawler ensure faster and more efficient content ingestion, with additional troubleshooting capabilities.
  • A connector for SharePoint Server is available in beta. Install the connector to enable aggregation of on-premises SharePoint Server (2013, 2016 and 2019) content into Workplace Search.
  • Enterprise Search monitoring information is available in Kibana Monitoring when metrics and logs are sent to a monitoring deployment.
  • Search performance is improved for grouping on high-cardinality fields.
  • The project has been switched to JRuby with better support for newer Java versions and full native support for M1 Macs.
  • Elasticsearch Native Realm users are no longer required to have an email address in order to be added to Enterprise Search.
  • Download diagnostics button appears when the Check diagnostic bundle for details error message is returned for a content source.

Bug fixesedit

  • Authorization failures in API requests return 403 as HTTP status code instead of 401.
  • Potential migration failure related to role mappings is fixed when upgrading from 7.12 to 7.17 and then to 8.0.
  • Self-monitoring functionality did not work properly in cases where Enterprise Search HTTP port was blocked by a firewall.
  • Non-owner/admins are no longer shown schema actions they cannot access.
  • ServiceNow can no longer have a configured Base URL host of localhost. Redirects to any host other than the configured Base URL host are no longer possible.

Known issuesedit

  • No information is displayed for two Curated results history sections: Adaptive relevance changes and Recently rejected suggestions. However, Ignored queries history works as expected.
  • App Search users with dev and editor roles do not have access to the web crawler.