Management APIsedit

To help operators better integrate Enterprise Search into their infrastructure and allow for better product deployment automation, we have added a set of low-level Enterprise Search API endpoints making it possible to check the health of a deployment, monitor its performance over time and to manage read-only mode for a deployment.

The following APIs are available for you to use:


To be able to call an Enterprise search management API, you need a set of credentials (username/password) for an Elasticsearch user. The user should have an appropriate set of privileges assigned to it depending on the API you are calling. See specific API documentation pages above for more details on the privileges you need to make an API call.

When making an API call, you need to attach a basic auth header to your HTTP requests. When using a curl command, you can do it like this:

curl -X GET <ENTERPRISE_SEARCH_BASE_URL>/api/ent/v1/internal/something \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -u username:password

See specific API documentation pages for more examples.

These endpoints are accessible without authentication when Elasticsearch security is disabled.