What is Elastic Enterprise Search?


What is Elastic Enterprise Search?edit

Enterprise Search is an additional Elastic service that adds APIs and UIs to those already provided by Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Enterprise Search enables native connectors for Elastic Cloud deployments, the Elastic web crawler, and two standalone products: App Search and Workplace Search.

The Enterprise Search documentation covers the features provided by the server, compatible libraries, and the operation of the server.

Features and librariesedit

Enterprise Search server enables several Elastic features. Compatible clients and libraries are available for working with these features. These documentation sections are most relevant to developers:

Connectors sync data from various databases and content sources to Elasticsearch. In Elastic Cloud, the Enterprise Search service provides native connectors that require no additional infrastructure. Also documented here are connector clients, which enable you to customize connectors and run them within your own infrastructure.
Web crawler
Enterprise Search enables the Elastic web crawler, which syncs data from web pages to Elasticsearch.
App Search and Workplace Search
Enterprise Search is required for users of App Search and Workplace Search, two standalone products that use additional APIs, UIs, and abstractions for application search and workplace search use cases.
Programming language clients
Enterprise Search has its own client libraries that provide Enterprise Search APIs in various programming languages.
Search UI
Search UI is a high level client for building user interfaces in React and other supported JavaScript frameworks.


The following documentation sections are most relevant to service operators:

Supporting documentationedit