Running Enterprise Search Using Dockeredit

As an alternative to installation, you can run Enterprise Search as a Docker container.

Docker Imageedit

The Elastic Docker registry provides a Docker image for Enterprise Search.

You can download the image from the registry, or use docker pull:

docker pull


Configure Enterprise Search using environment variables when you start the container. See Configuration for a list of configurable values.

You must configure the values that are required for a standard installation. In most cases, these are allow_es_settings_modification and secret_management.encryption_keys.


docker run -p 3002:3002 \
-e'http://host.docker.internal:9200' \
-e elasticsearch.username=elastic \
-e elasticsearch.password=changeme \
-e allow_es_settings_modification=true \
-e secret_management.encryption_keys='[4a2cd3f81d39bf28738c10db0ca782095ffac07279561809eecc722e0c20eb09]' \