The setup-passwords command sets the passwords for the built-in elastic, kibana, and logstash_system users.


bin/x-pack/setup-passwords auto|interactive [-u "<URL>"]


This command is intended for use only during the initial configuration of X-Pack. It uses the elastic bootstrap password to run user management API requests. After you set a password for the elastic user, the bootstrap password is no longer active and you cannot use this command. Instead, you can change passwords by using the Management > Users UI in Kibana or the Change Password API.


Outputs randomly-generated passwords to the console.
Prompts you to manually enter passwords.
-u "<URL>"
Specifies the URL that the tool uses to submit the user management API requests. The default value is determined from the settings in your elasticsearch.yml file.


The following example uses the -u parameter to tell the tool where to submit its user management API requests:

bin/x-pack/setup-passwords auto -u "http://localhost:9201"