Elasticsearch version 8.0.0-alpha1edit

Coming in 8.0.0.

The changes listed below have been released for the first time in Elasticsearch 8.0.0-alpha1.

Breaking changesedit

  • Disallow specifying the same percentile multiple times in percentiles aggregation #52257
  • Dynamic mappings in indices created on 8.0 and later have stricter validation at mapping update time. (e.g. incorrect analyzer settings or unknown field types). #51233
Update by query
  • Unsupported fields provided as part of the script section of the update by query API are now rejected.
  • Remove undocumented endpoints of hot threads API #55109
Slow loggers
  • index.indexing.slowlog.level and index.search.slowlog.level are removed. These settings can be worked around by using appropriate thresholds. If for instance we want to simulate index.indexing.slowlog.level = INFO then all we need to do is to set index.indexing.slowlog.threshold.index.debug and index.indexing.slowlog.threshold.index.trace to -1 #57591