Elasticsearch version 7.0.0-alpha1edit

The changes listed below have been released for the first time in Elasticsearch 7.0.0-alpha1.

Breaking changesedit

  • Tribe node has been removed in favor of Cross-Cluster-Search
  • http_addresses has been removed from the Remote Cluster Info API because it is expensive to fetch and no longer needed by Kibana.
Rest API
  • The Clear Cache API only supports POST as HTTP method
  • CircuitBreakingException was previously mapped to HTTP status code 503 and is now mapped as HTTP status code 429.
  • The Percentiles and PercentileRanks aggregations now return null in the REST response, instead of NaN. This makes it consistent with the rest of the aggregations. Note: this only applies to the REST response, the java objects continue to return NaN (also consistent with other aggregations)
  • Plugins that register suggesters can now define their own types of suggestions and must explicitly indicate the type of suggestion that they produce. Existing plugins will require changes to their plugin registration. See the custom-suggester example plugin #30284