Search and Query DSL changesedit

Changes to queriesedit

  • The collect_payloads parameter of the span_near query has been removed. Payloads will be loaded when needed.
  • Queries on boolean fields now strictly parse boolean-like values. This means only the strings "true" and "false" will be parsed into their boolean counterparts. Other strings will cause an error to be thrown.
  • The in query (a synonym for the terms query) has been removed
  • The geo_bbox query (a synonym for the geo_bounding_box query) has been removed
  • The mlt query (a synonym for the more_like_this query) has been removed
  • The fuzzy_match and match_fuzzy query (synonyma for the match query) have been removed
  • The terms query now always returns scores equal to 1 and is not subject to indices.query.bool.max_clause_count anymore.
  • The deprecated indices query has been removed.
  • Support for empty query objects ({ }) has been removed from the query DSL. An error is thrown whenever an empty query object is provided.
  • The deprecated minimum_number_should_match parameter in the bool query has been removed, use minimum_should_match instead.
  • The query_string query now correctly parses the maximum number of states allowed when "determinizing" a regex as max_determinized_states instead of the typo max_determined_states.
  • The query_string query no longer accepts enable_position_increment, use enable_position_increments instead.
  • For geo_distance queries, sorting, and aggregations the sloppy_arc option has been removed from the distance_type parameter.
  • The geo_distance_range query, which was deprecated in 5.0, has been removed.
  • The optimize_bbox parameter has been removed from geo_distance queries.
  • The ignore_malformed and coerce parameters have been removed from geo_bounding_box, geo_polygon, and geo_distance queries.
  • The disable_coord parameter of the bool and common_terms queries has been removed. If provided, it will be ignored and issue a deprecation warning.
  • The template query has been removed. This query was deprecated since 5.0
  • The percolate query’s document_type has been deprecated. From 6.0 and later it is no longer required to specify the document_type parameter.

Search shards APIedit

The search shards API no longer accepts the type url parameter, which didn’t have any effect in previous versions.

Changes to the Profile APIedit

  • The "time" field showing human readable timing output has been replaced by the "time_in_nanos" field which displays the elapsed time in nanoseconds. The "time" field can be turned on by adding "?human=true" to the request url. It will display a rounded, human readable time value.

Scoring changesedit

Query normalizationedit

Query normalization has been removed. This means that the TF-IDF similarity no longer tries to make scores comparable across queries and that boosts are now integrated into scores as simple multiplicative factors.

Other similarities are not affected as they did not normalize scores and already integrated boosts into scores as multiplicative factors.

See LUCENE-7347 for more information.

Coordination factorsedit

Coordination factors have been removed from the scoring formula. This means that boolean queries no longer score based on the number of matching clauses. Instead, they always return the sum of the scores of the matching clauses.

As a consequence, use of the TF-IDF similarity is now discouraged as this was an important component of the quality of the scores that this similarity produces. BM25 is recommended instead.

See LUCENE-7347 for more information.

Fielddata on _uidedit

Fielddata on _uid is deprecated. It is possible to switch to _id instead but the only reason why it has not been deprecated too is because it is used for the random_score function. If you really need access to the id of documents for sorting, aggregations or search scripts, the recommandation is to duplicate the id as a field in the document.


The unified highlighter is the new default choice for highlighter. The offset strategy for each field is picked internally by this highlighter depending on the type of the field (index_options). It is still possible to force the highlighter to fvh or plain types.

The postings highlighter has been removed from Lucene and Elasticsearch. The unified highlighter outputs the same highlighting when index_options is set to offsets.