Scripting changesedit

Groovy, JavaScript, and Python languages removededit

The Groovy, JavaScript, and Python scripting languages were deprecated in elasticsearch 5.0 and have now been removed. Use painless instead.

Native scripts removededit

Native scripts have been removed. Instead, implement a ScriptEngine.

Date fields now return datesedit

doc.some_date_field.value now returns ReadableDateTimes instead of milliseconds since epoch as a long. The same is true for doc.some_date_field[some_number]. Use doc.some_date_field.value.millis to fetch the milliseconds since epoch if you need it.

Removed access to index internal via the _index variableedit

The _index variable has been removed. If you used it for advanced scoring, consider writing a Similarity plugin.

Script Settingsedit

All of the existing scripting security settings have been removed. Instead they are replaced with script.allowed_types and script.allowed_contexts.