Packaging changesedit

Configuring custom user and group for package is no longer allowededit

Previously someone could configure the $ES_USER and $ES_GROUP variables to change which user and group Elasticsearch was run as. This is no longer possible, the DEB and RPM packages now exclusively use the user and group elasticsearch. If a custom user or group is needed then a provisioning system should use the tarball distribution instead of the provided RPM and DEB packages.

path.conf is no longer a configurable settingedit

Previous versions of Elasticsearch enabled setting path.conf as a setting. This was rather convoluted as it meant that you could start Elasticsearch with a config file that specified via path.conf that Elasticsearch should use another config file. Instead, path.conf is now a command-line flag. To start Elasticsearch with a custom config file, use -c /path/to/config or --path.conf /path/to/config. Here, /path/to/config is the directory containing the config file.

Default path settings are removededit

Previous versions of Elasticsearch enabled setting and default.path.logs to set the default data path and default logs path if they were not otherwise set in the configuration file. These settings have been removed and now data paths and log paths can be configured via settings only. Related, this means that the environment variables DATA_DIR and LOG_DIR no longer have any effect as these were used to set and default.path.logs in the packaging scripts.