Request body searchedit

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For search API reference documentation, see Search.

For search examples, see The search API.

Doc value fieldsedit

See doc value fields.

Fast check for any matching docsedit

See Quickly check for matching docs.

Field collapsingedit

See Collapse search results.

From / sizeedit

See Paginate search results.


See Highlighting.

How highlighters work internallyedit

See How highlighters work internally.

Index boostedit

See Index boost.

Inner hitsedit

See Retrieve inner hits.


See the min_score parameter.

Named queriesedit

See Named queries.

Post filteredit

See Post filter.


See Query parameters.

Script fieldsedit

See Script fields.

Clear scroll APIedit

See Clear scroll.

Sliced scrolledit

See Sliced scroll.

Search afteredit

See Search after.

Search typeedit

See Query parameters.

Source filteringedit

See The _source option.

Stored fieldsedit

See Stored fields.

Track total hitsedit

See Track total hits.