Elasticsearch version 8.14.2


Elasticsearch version 8.14.2edit

Also see Breaking changes in 8.14.

Known issuesedit

  • When upgrading clusters from version 8.11.4 or earlier, if your cluster contains non-master-eligible nodes, information about the new functionality of these upgraded nodes may not be registered properly with the master node. This can lead to some new functionality added since 8.12.0 not being accessible on the upgraded cluster. If your cluster is running on ECK 2.12.1 and above, this may cause problems with finalizing the upgrade. To resolve this issue, perform a rolling restart on the non-master-eligible nodes once all Elasticsearch nodes are upgraded. This issue is fixed in 8.15.0.

Bug fixesedit

Data streams
  • Ensure a lazy rollover request will rollover the target data stream once. #109636
  • [Data streams] Fix the description of the lazy rollover task #109629
  • Fix ESQL cancellation for exchange requests #109695
  • Fix equals and hashcode for SingleValueQuery.LuceneQuery #110035
  • Force execute inactive sink reaper #109632
  • Check array size before returning array item in script doc values #109824 (issue: #104998)
  • Guard file settings readiness on file settings support #109500
Machine Learning
  • Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException during inference #109533
  • Re-define index.mapper.dynamic setting in 8.x for a better 7.x to 8.x upgrade if this setting is used. #109341
  • Fix for from parameter when using sub_searches and rank #106253 (issue: #99011)
  • Add hexstring support byte painless scorers #109492
  • Fix automatic tracking of collapse with docvalue_fields #110103