Delete datafeeds APIedit

Deletes an existing datafeed.


DELETE _ml/datafeeds/<feed_id>


  • Requires the manage_ml cluster privilege. This privilege is included in the machine_learning_admin built-in role.
  • Unless you use the force parameter, you must stop the datafeed before you can delete it.

Path parametersedit

(Required, string) A numerical character string that uniquely identifies the datafeed. This identifier can contain lowercase alphanumeric characters (a-z and 0-9), hyphens, and underscores. It must start and end with alphanumeric characters.

Query parametersedit

(Optional, Boolean) Use to forcefully delete a started datafeed; this method is quicker than stopping and deleting the datafeed.


response =
  datafeed_id: 'datafeed-total-requests'
puts response
DELETE _ml/datafeeds/datafeed-total-requests

When the datafeed is deleted, you receive the following results:

  "acknowledged": true