Index lifecycle actionsedit

Move shards to nodes with different performance characteristics and reduce the number of replicas.
Permanently remove the index.
Force merge
Reduce the number of index segments and purge deleted documents.
Move the index shards to the data tier that corresponds to the current ILM phase.
Read only
Block write operations to the index.
Remove the index as the write index for the rollover alias and start indexing to a new index.
Aggregates an index’s time series data and stores the results in a new read-only index. For example, you can downsample hourly data into daily or weekly summaries.
Searchable snapshot
Take a snapshot of the managed index in the configured repository and mount it as a searchable snapshot.
Set priority
Lower the priority of an index as it moves through the lifecycle to ensure that hot indices are recovered first.
Reduce the number of primary shards by shrinking the index into a new index.
Convert a follower index to a regular index. Performed automatically before a rollover, shrink, or searchable snapshot action.
Wait for snapshot
Ensure that a snapshot exists before deleting the index.