ES-Hadoop and Securityedit

Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop ("ES-Hadoop") is capable of using HTTP basic and PKI authentication and/or TLS/SSL when accessing an Elasticsearch cluster. For full details please refer to the ES-Hadoop documentation, in particular the Security section.

For authentication purposes, select the user for your ES-Hadoop client (for maintenance purposes it is best to create a dedicated user). Then, assign that user to a role with the privileges required by your Hadoop/Spark/Storm job. Configure ES-Hadoop to use the user name and password through the and properties.

If PKI authentication is enabled, setup the appropriate keystore and truststore instead through and (and their respective .pass properties to specify the password).

For secured transport, enable SSL/TLS through the property by setting it to true. Depending on your SSL configuration (keystore, truststore, etc…​) you might need to set other parameters as well - please refer to the ES-Hadoop documentation, specifically the Configuration and Security chapters.